Are You Able to Monitor All Employee Activity?


Businesses are faced with two prominent challenges when dealing with employees and how they handle data.  First is information security and the prevention of data loss and secondly, their productivity and bandwidth usage.

According to recently concluded Chief Information & Security Officers (CISO) and Analyst Forum in London, the top five issues they face with regard security are: the emergence of BYOD model, explosion of Big Data, external threats, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and serious negative PR resulting in major damage to reputation. A CISO from a finance firm in the City said, “You can’t stop the persistent intruders getting in and you can’t stop data from leaving your organisation.”  Research shows that only 15% of company data is truly secure and that 80% of staff take data with them when they leave.

Employment law firm Peninsula, on the other hand, claims that 233 million hours are lost every month as a result of employees “wasting time” on social networking. While social networking and Google is now a business critical tool, it is also a major distraction to employees.  This often leads to abusive use of chat and IM services and an increase in bandwidth usage due to unauthorised streaming and downloading activity.

The need to monitor all employee activity. Any company that needs to improve productivity, utilise network bandwidth more effectively, reduce the risk of IP theft and leakage of confidential information and those who want to protect its brand reputation must seriously consider monitoring staff activity. Spectorsoft 360, Spectorsoft’ s corporate edition, addresses all these concerns.

Spectorsoft and its first Gold Partner in the UK, Frontier Technology, recently hosted a briefing that presented the major pains of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and analyst must tackle to safeguard valuable corporate assets.

To gain an insight on what was discussed, please download the presentations.

Spectorsoft: Enabling CISO to Monitor Employee Activity

Frontier Technology: Employee Monitoring & The Cloud

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