Frontier Technology: An Overview

Frontier Technology is a leading IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider focused on providing data security and management solutions. We use private cloud and AnyCloud solution to secure clients’ data. Our design, implementation, and support focus on meeting business regulatory requirements, simplifying operations management, and reducing costs. We offer an extensive suite of customisable cloud solutions and services, providing secure hosting, data management, and business continuity, and many more services to clients.

At the heart of our managed private cloud solutions and services is our UK-based, 24×7 secure data centres. We provide comprehensive support to many organisations to manage the growing complexity of cloud transformation. By leveraging our all-encompassing consulting experience, we provide independent and objective advice that is essential to your needs. Our team of service delivery managers, consultants, and support desk are working in partnership with our clients and are an extension of their IT, providing strategic advice, support, and adding business innovation initiatives.

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IT Eco-system in London

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Frontier FutureTech Insights

Customer Support During COVID

Frontier’s Service Commitment: From Lockdown 1.0 to 2.0 series will look broadly at how our customers are receiving extended support from us to enable their remote workforce from any location to ensure continuous operations during the pandemic.

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Big Data

Data growth is a reality and as it grows, data silo becomes the new reality. Read our latest blog Data Silos is a Reality’ to know more about how data silos happen within an organisation and how organisations can overcome the challenges associated with data silos.

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Crown Commercial Service’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS5) Framework

Frontier upheld Microsoft’s Gold Partner status for Datacenter, demonstrating best-in-class capability and proven technical capabilities in designing, implementing, and maintaining scalable datacenter solutions in highly virtualised environments to bridge hybrid environments.

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Frontier Technology Services

Frontier offers a broad portfolio of enterprise-grade cloud services that enable public, private, and hybrid clouds, so you can choose the right approach for your business.

Frontier Technology - AnyCloud Platforms

IT infrastructure solutions and services for every enterprise need, from infrastructure to platforms, storage to virtualisation, and management to automation.

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Frontier Technology - AnyCloud Services

Frontier provides a portfolio of data lifecycle management services and solutions that can automate processes and optimise enterprise data management.

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Frontier Technology - AnyCloud Migrations

As a specialist data security and management service provider, Frontier is very well placed to offer support for all your information security needs.

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Frontier Technology Solutions

Frontier Managed Cloud solutions provide you with end-to-end management solutions delivered in the cloud and managed by us.


Hosting Solution

Frontier Hosting Service (FHS), a private cloud solution built on a fully-managed IaaS platform, provides an effective and cost-efficient solution for managing IT infrastructure more easily.

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Frontier Technology - Disaster Recovery

Frontier Continuity Service (FCS) is a comprehensive solution that supports virtual and physical environments, runs on private, hybrid and public clouds with recovery and testing capabilities. 

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Data Security

Frontier Technology’s secure cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution, Frontier Vault Service (FVS), is one of the most secure and comprehensive Backup-as-a-Service on the market.

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Although Frontier Technology focuses on providing IT solutions to those in regulated industries, what we do applies to organisations in all sectors. The list below is a representative sample of clients that we have worked with in recent years.

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