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Message of Reassurance from Frontier Technology

In light of the uncertainty we all face in our daily lives with the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to write to you directly to keep you informed of the steps we are taking to ensure that we are prepared for all scenarios.

We continue to monitor Government guidelines in order to minimise risk to our customers, partners, and our dedicated team members.

  • We have a robust business continuity plan in place, with tested scenarios, and ready to invoke if need be.
  • Meetings are held remotely; if that is not possible then we advise those present to adhere to strict hygiene protocols.
  • All our team members have the option to work from home as prevention from catching the coronavirus.
  • Non-essential travel has been suspended.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide the support to our customers, partners, and to our team members and their families.

We know that many businesses have been disrupted right now because of the coronavirus, and I can assure you that at Frontier it is business as usual.

To ensure that our customers business continue to run as usual, we would like to share with you the following:

  1. Our cloud services will continue to provide adequate resources to meet any working from home arrangement.
  2. We have taken the precaution of extending our managed service resources (compute/RAM/storage) to ensure any unforeseen workloads can be accommodated.
  3. SLAs remain unaffected.
  4. Our teams are on hand to continue supporting your business.

Best wishes

Edwin Wong

Managing Director

Frontier Technology: An Overview

Frontier Technology is a leading IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider focused on providing data security and management solutions.

We use private cloud and AnyCloud solution to secure clients’ data. Our design, implementation and support focuses on meeting business regulatory requirements, simplifying operations management and reducing costs. We offer an extensive suite of customisable cloud solutions and services, providing secure hosting, data management and business continuity, and many more services to clients.

At the heart of our managed private cloud solutions and services is our UK-based, 24×7 manned data centres. We provide comprehensive support to many organisations to manage the growing complexity of cloud transformation. Leveraging our all-encompassing consulting experience, we provide independent and objective advice that is essential to your needs. Our team of service delivery managers, consultants and support desk are working in partnership with our clients and are an extension of their IT, providing strategic advice, support, and adding business innovation initiatives.

IT Eco-system in London

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Frontier AnyCloud

We are an enterprise cloud computing provider. We can assist with AnyCloud platforms, services and migrations.

Frontier Technology - AnyCloud Platforms

Frontier’s technical experts can advise the best cloud platform for you.

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Frontier Technology - AnyCloud Services

UK-based enterprise-class private cloud services, serving organisations of all sizes.

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Frontier Technology - AnyCloud Migrations

Control, integrate, protect, process and migrate data across platforms.

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Frontier Technology Solutions

We are systems integrator of choice by some of the most trusted organisations in the UK. We specialise in business resilience, infrastructure security and data security.

Frontier Technology - Disaster Recovery

Safeguarding your data and business, no matter the circumstances, giving you peace of mind 24/7. 

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Frontier Technology - Infrastructure

Vast portfolio of seamlessly deployable security products, no matter the IT challenges. 

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Frontier Technology - Data Security

Expert advice, design and deployment of enterprise-class data security environments.

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Frontier FutureTech Events

Watch our latest webinar on “Benefits of Continuous Security Validation for your Cyber Security Stance” to learn how to use technology like automated penetration testing to build a unified security validation platform for all your cybersecurity requirements, so you can:

  • Validate that your cloud security policies work the way you have intended
  • Explore and highlight vulnerabilities in your network – public cloud, private cloud or physical assets
  • Speed up incident investigation across different cloud and physical environments
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Webinar on Benefits of Continuous Security Validation

Although Frontier Technology focuses on providing IT solutions to those in regulated industries, what we do applies to organisations in all sectors. The list below is a representative sample of clients that we have worked with in recent years.

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