About Frontier Technology

Frontier Technology is a leading IT systems integrator and managed service provider, with over fifteen years of experience working within regulated industries.

Data security and IT management have never been more important than they are today. Compliance and security have always been paramount for regulated industries, however with the emergence of digital transformation initiatives and our hyper-connected world, data management and security is now vital for every industry.

At Frontier, we have embedded these principles into all of our services, creating enhanced security solutions and advanced IT management. Our Data Security and Management Framework takes into account every consideration an IT director/stakeholder will need to address for any IT project, service or process workflow. This Framework has evolved over many years, thanks to our decades of real-world consulting experience and now can be implemented across any industry, project or IT challenge.

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Frontier AnyCloud

We are an enterprise cloud computing provider. We can assist with AnyCloud platforms, services and migrations.

Frontier’s technical experts can advise the best cloud platform for you.

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UK-based enterprise-class private cloud services, serving organisations of all sizes.

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Control, integrate, protect, process and migrate data across platforms.

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We are systems integrator of choice by some of the most trusted organisations in the UK. We specialise in business resilience, infrastructure security and data security.

Safeguarding your data and your tech no matter the circumstance, giving you piece of mind 24/7. 

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Vast portfolio of security products that can be deployed seamlessly, no matter the IT challenge. 

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Expert advice, design and deployment of enterprise data security environments.

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Frontier FutureTech Seminars

Our seminars provide an overview of future technology trends, focusing on topics that we can expect to see a lot more of in 2018 and beyond.

We aim to create an open forum, so that our attendees and speakers alike can freely communicate, share ideas and have a lively and interesting debate.

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Although Frontier Technology focuses on providing IT solutions to those in regulated industries what we do applies to organisations in all sectors. The list below is a representative sample of clients that we have worked with in recent years.

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