Affordable Business Continuity for SMEs

Contingency Today – Despite the recession, IT requirements do not change. Business disasters are becoming increasingly common with growing numbers of viruses, security breaches, extreme weather conditions, software issues, hardware failures, and data corruption occurring. 80% of businesses without a business continuity plan close within 18 months of an incident.

Nearly every large corporate firm has an effective disaster recovery plan in place, a number is strictly regulated in this space and are required to have a fail-safe plan to meet their compliance objectives. It is the Business Continuity for SMEs that seems to be lagging behind. Half of Britain’s small businesses have no formal procedures to ensure that they can resume trading in the event of a disaster.

Despite the lack of disaster planning demonstrated, most revealed that it would be near impossible to get their business back on their feet in the wake of such an event. After conducting considerable business research, Frontier Technology has discovered that Business Continuity for SMEs is in demand and many SMEs do want to implement a business continuity solution. However, the high upfront capital expenditure, coupled with the requirement for in house expertise and resources, often makes it impossible to do so.

‘Half of Britain’s small businesses have no formal procedures to ensure that they can resume trading in the event of a disaster’

Frontier Technology is one of Europe’s leading providers of IT solutions, business services, and consultancy. The firm specialise in business continuity and have a number of disaster recovery solutions including a fully managed service Frontier Continuity Service (FCS). The solution offers firms a fully dedicated, outsourced business continuity service at a cost-effective price. FCS replicates all business-critical servers including web, mail, file, and database servers in real-time to standby servers in Frontier Technology’s Tier 4 hosting centres in Maidenhead and Milton Keynes. In the event of a disaster, clients have near-instant access to their applications and data, so that business operations can resume quickly and efficiently.

With the recent downturn in the economy resulting in most firms tightening their budgets, FCS has been especially popular. There are no implementation costs so there is no need for huge capital investment. FCS is subscribed at a fixed monthly cost, making it an affordable disaster recovery solution for businesses of all sizes. It gives SMEs the opportunity to have the same level of business continuity as a large enterprise.

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