The Private cloud is attracting interest in a climate of budget and resource constraints

In a recent survey conducted by Frontier Technology and IT partner Vision Solutions, private cloud models were shown to be the most popular choice for companies considering cloud computing for their business needs. This was followed by 29 percent that would opt for the hybrid cloud and 13 percent that would use public cloud platforms.

The survey was sent to over 22,000 UK IT professionals, from mixed industries. It also found the following:

  • 28 percent of companies surveyed were already making use of cloud technologies, 89 percent of those organisations were happy with how the cloud is working them
  • 20 percent of organisations did not see the cloud as a good fit due mainly due to compliance reasons
  • 31 percent felt that they were still in the information gathering stage and were considering moving to the cloud
  • By the end of 2012, 60 percent of organisations felt that some of their IT systems would be cloud-based
  • When asked what issues they were currently facing, budget constraints were listed as the number one concern by 67 percent of all respondents. This was followed by a lack of in-house expertise (35 percent) and staff efficiency (30 percent)

Edwin Wong, Managing Director, Frontier Technology: “The private cloud is of big interest to the customers that we are speaking to on a daily basis. Many of them have heard of the tangible benefits and are looking for more education so they feel truly comfortable with the technology.

I am not surprised that 60 percent of organisations felt that some of their IT systems would be cloud-based by 2012. In a climate of budget and resource constraints, the cloud is perfect as there is no CAPEX and the services are paid incrementally. The cloud is also fully managed by the service provider you no longer have to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues.”