Microsoft Hyper-V3 and Systems Center 2012 Promises Greatly Enhanced Features

Premier systems integrator and cloud computing provider Frontier Technology, together with leading distributor Computer 2000, hosted a session recently that gave attendees a preview of what to expect from these technologies in 2012. Hyper-V and Systems Center 2012 fans certainly whet their tech-petite.

Hyper-V’s new features, as announced during the Windows 8 Build Conference in California, are set to improve its functionality and include increased scalability and site to site failover.  Other major enhancements to watch out for are its new virtual disk format and its physical hosting, memory, and storage capacities.  It can now possibly have up to 63 nodes in a cluster supporting 4000 virtual machines.  It will be readily deployable in a datacentre environment and can be used for monster applications that require tonnes of RAM and CPU resources.

Systems Center solutions, on the other hand, capture and aggregate knowledge about the infrastructure, policies, processes, and best practices and allows businesses to optimise IT structures, reduce costs, improve application availability and enhance service delivery.  The Virtual Machine Manager of Systems Center 2012 is designed to bring cloud benefits to the enterprise datacenter.

Industry reaction now indicates that these releases will allow Microsoft to move from a serious contender to a potential leader in the cloud computing/ virtualisation/ operating system space.

So why virtualise with Microsoft?  Microsoft’s virtualisation solutions, the leading technologies for public and private cloud computing, enables business agility, increases IT efficiency, and drives IT costs down.  “Why is virtualisation such a big deal?” asked Tom Bittman, Garner VP and Chief of Research of Infrastructure and Operations during Microsoft’s virtualisation launch event.

“A lot of people understand, and they think it’s about saving money, it’s about saving power, it’s about green IT, it’s about space and that’s certainly true.  But in our perspective, it’s much, much bigger than that, and people are just now beginning to understand that.  We think that there’s a major transformation taking place in IT.  This major transformation that’s been taking place for years is starting to accelerate and we believe that virtualisation is a major enabler and catalyst of that transition that’s taking place.”

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