Go for a Next-Gen Desktop Management Solution with VDI Benefits

Central management, consistency of images, security, rapid OS migration, snapshot technology, and desktop freedom are some of the traditional benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology.  The downsides, however, are the requirement for scaled-up network infrastructure, considerable capital expenditure on extra server and storage infrastructure, compromised end-user experience, and the connectivity issue offline users face.

Recently, a simplified solution, and possibly the future of VDI, has emerged from the market.  It uncomplicates VDI at a fraction of the cost without giving up its benefits whilst addressing its drawbacks.

The Intelligent Desktop Virtualisation solution NxTop, by Virtual Computer, eliminates downtime from PC support issues and from routine maintenance such as patches or updates.  It secures both laptop and desktop PCs so that users are unable to corrupt company systems.  It also ensures application compatibility across a large group of users with 100% consistent PC images.

The Virtual Computer NxTop desktop virtualisation solution delivers what traditional server-hosted VDI has been promising for years: a solution that balances the manageability and budget needs of IT professionals with the freedom and flexibility end users demand. Unlike traditional server-hosted VDI, NxTop offers centralised management with localized execution to address all of the challenges associated with traditional server-hosted VDI, including high server and network costs, low performance, and limited mobility.

NxTop executes locally by design which removes both the issue of off-line users and the cost implications of extensive server and storage infrastructure. In fact, the only infrastructure requirement is a management server. Using the computing resources of the user’s PC, together with the centralised management and the Type-1 Hypervisor on which NxTop is based, ensures a flexible but controlled desktop that is easily managed and with a happy user community.

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