Hybrid cloud attracting interest in a climate of budget and resource constraints

Irvine, Calif. – 8th February 2012 – Vision Solutions, Inc., the world’s leading provider of information availability software and services for Windows, Linux, IBM Power Systems and Cloud Computing markets, today announced that hybrid models are the most popular choice for companies looking at how they can make the most of cloud computing for their business needs. 46 per cent of those who thought they could use cloud computing opted for the hybrid model where both public and private cloud resources are used. This was followed by 41 per cent who would opt for private cloud on its own, and 13 per cent that would use public cloud platforms.

The survey covered 387 UK IT professionals, and was run by Vision Solutions in concert with Frontier Technology, a cloud services provider based in London. It also found the following:

  • When asked if cloud computing was a good fit for their organisation, 18 per cent of companies said that they were already making use of cloud technologies, while 16 per cent were considering how to make the most of cloud. 33 per cent of organisations did not see cloud as a good fit, while 31 per cent were undecided on this approach.
  • When asked what issues they were facing, budget constraints were listed as the number one concern by 67 per cent of all respondents. This was followed by lack of in-house expertise (35 per cent) and staff efficiency (30 per cent).

Ian Masters, Sales Director UK and Ireland, Vision Solutions: “The interest in cloud computing continues to gather momentum within end user organisations, but there is also greater awareness that there are multiple different models for using the cloud. For the majority of those who were surveyed, hybrid or private cloud computing models are seen as the most appropriate solutions for their own organisations. In order for cloud computing to be successful, vendors have to demonstrate not only that solutions can fit customer requirements from a technical perspective, but also from a control and management point of view as well. When it comes to disaster recovery, the cloud offers a real option for organisations looking to lower costs associated with running DR sites filled with potentially unutilised resources.”

Vision Solutions supports cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity services with its Double-Take Availability and RecoverNow products, which offer real-time replication of data from target servers over to any platform, including physical servers, virtual machine solutions such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, and other cloud platforms. Frontier Technology’s Frontier Continuity Service, based on Double-Take, offers a private cloud disaster recovery solution that removes the need for customers to rely on their IT department to manage essential data. This service methodology complies with the BS25999 specification, which covers design, build, implementation and exercising fail-over capabilities.

Edwin Wong, Managing Director, Frontier Technology: “Areas like virtualisation and cloud are of significant interest to the customers who we are speaking to on a daily basis, as there is still a lot of education required for companies to feel comfortable around these technologies. However, the opportunity to see better value from cloud is tangible: we have customers who entrust their disaster recovery and business continuity strategies to our cloud platform, as we can provide real-time protection for their company data, and we can demonstrate how using the cloud can offer enterprise-class disaster recovery for all sizes of organisations.”