Building Blocks of the Perfect Cloud

ISP takes on a new meaning for organisations that are going to the cloud. Infrastructure. Support. Partnership. These are the three most important considerations you must prioritise, which are the building block of your perfect cloud.

Trending in top IT stories and with thousands of cloud solutions providers in the UK, information overload can easily pull you away from what is essential. If your company is planning to reduce the investment, volume, and other resources that are usually attached to your traditional dedicated IT equipment, know the foundations of your cloud technology and build the perfect cloud that works best for you.

INFRASTRUCTURE.  Go for the best there is. Choose a Tier 4  data centre, the pinnacle in data centre standards. This enterprise-class facility is designed to host mission-critical computer systems with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalised security zones. Ideally, it must be located outside London, the easiest target for untoward events in the UK. Make sure there is at least one backup data centre to assure redundancy and fast recovery in the event when a business continuity solution is invoked.

An infrastructure’s connectivity is just as important.  Choose Tier 1 connectivity, the highest standard in internet network connectivity.  This ensures that the data centre’s network is one that does not rely on another supplier for its connectivity to reach any other areas of the internet.

If security is a high priority, pick one that is UK-based and owned, protecting your precious data from the US Patriot Act. In addition, ensure that the physical location of your preferred data centre has the highest levels of security and is monitored round the clock.

SUPPORTWould you rather not go through a call screening process when you urgently need to talk to someone who can actually give you the right answer in the event of an emergency? Would you rather speak directly to a technical consultant when you have pressing queries regarding your data and applications? The best support is rendered by providers who have no layered assistance.

Whether you have 5 or 500+ servers, you deserve an unwavering enterprise-class service. A direct support system guarantees that your concerns will immediately be addressed by the right consultant. The top providers should be reached 24 x 7 through a dedicated helpline, customer portal, email, or SMS.

True IT risk professionals know that a 100% guarantee is likely a marketing myth. If a provider advertises such, you should examine closely.  Instead, look for one that can realistically deliver the industry’s guaranteed network and server infrastructure uptime which is 99.999%. This claim must be supported by the consultants’ level of experience and quality of software and hardware put in place by the hosting centre in building their infrastructure and your cloud.

PARTNERSHIP.  Let your cloud work for you.  Let your cloud provider do the same. You should make the call while your provider acts both as a consultant and staff. You create the vision, your cloud partner should help you see it to fruition.

Your organisation is like no other. Your provider must tailor a customer-based SLA to suit your unique requirements. Don’t put your organisation in a box.  Enjoy the freedom that the cloud brings. A consultative one-on-one engagement with your hosting partner means you are heard, given appropriate advice, and properly enabled in bringing your cloud to tangible terms.

The best partnership is a synergy of three main elements: your organisation’s IT vision, your cloud provider’s expertise, and infrastructure, and, just as important, your cloud provider’s technology providers. Blended in together, you can be assured of a smooth transition and operation that leads to cost and risk reduction, agility, productivity, and all the other wonders that cloud technology promises.

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