Frontier Technology’s Data Centre Expands, Boosts Investment

With an increasing number of organisations entrusting Frontier Technology with their cloud hosting and other cloud computing requirements, it is inevitable that this premier cloud solutions provider and systems integrator heeds the pleasant call of growth.

Recently, Frontier Technology increased its data centre’s server capacity by 50%. This includes doubling hardware units such as servers, storage and other network devices. They have deployed only industry-trusted, best of breed technologies from EMC, Cisco, HP & Dell. Additionally, they have also laid further capital on its data centres’ Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities.

“We are happy to accommodate the expansion of both customer size and the individual customer’s unique demands,” quips Managing Director Edwin Wong. “With that, as hosting provider, we have to make sure that our data centre is able to accommodate not only the current situation but also to provide ample space and facilities for future clients. We value our customers’ trust in us and this is why we give them the best possible cloud experience.”

Frontier Technology’s main data centre is classified as Tier 4, globally considered as the pinnacle of data centre standards. To assure redundancy and fast recovery, its backup data centre is Tier 3, the category where most of UK’s data centres fall under.  It runs on Tier 1 connectivity, the highest standard in network connectivity.  It is UK-based and owned therefore free from the US Patriot Act.