Enterprise-Class Data Management in ‘The Cloud’ from just £0.59/GB

Most organisations today are experiencing constant growth of corporate data, bringing with it an ongoing requirement to invest scarce IT budget and resource into managing that data. Enterprise-Class Data Management is simply not sustainable, but thanks to the emergence of Cloud-Based BackUp solutions, these costs can be contained, reduced and perhaps most importantly, be predictable and in direct proportion to the volume of data being protected.

Frontier Technology recently announced a simplified and reduced cost model for its cloud-based enterprise-class data management platform. They can help you with your enterprise-class data management requirements and at the same time let you save on capital expenditure. From only 59p/gigabyte/month, they will look after your data and safely host them in their state-of-the-art data centre.  This will also cover the costs for offsite backup, backup license, setup and storage space and connectivity to the data centre. Three enterprise-class services are offered by Frontier Technology:

  • Frontier Protection Service: Multi-platform backup and recovery; including support for granular application recovery, third-generation virtual machine support and block-level de-duplication for just 59 pence per Gigabyte, per month.
  • Frontier Vault Service: Multi-platform archive capability; reduce the size of email and file systems by archiving older ‘stale’ items according to policies you control. Users still have seamless, online access to archived items for just 59 pence per Gigabyte, per month.
  • Frontier Discovery Service: An optional add-on to the Protection and/or Vault services; client data is indexed with an “Internet-Class” engine that allows users to easily search for content or for the business to use for audit and compliance exercises. The cost of the service is dependent on the number of items being indexed.

As a bonus, clients will get an automated policy-based backup, receive a monthly report on backup performance and storage usage, and will be assigned a dedicated server to restore enrolled data in the unlikely event of disaster recovery.

Whilst the client has full control of policies and recovery via a 24×7 accessible self-service portal, the infrastructure is managed and supported by Frontier Technology from a Tier 4 data centre, the pinnacle of data centre standards. To assure redundancy and fast recovery, its backup data centre is Tier 3, the category where most of the UK’s data centres fall under.  It runs on Tier 1 connectivity, the highest standard in network connectivity. The data centres are UK-based and owned, thereby avoiding the implications of the US Patriot Act.