3rd Line IT Support and 24×7 Remote Monitoring for Biologics Contract Manufacturing Organisation is Now Rendered by Frontier Technology

An industry-leading biologics contract manufacturing organisation was looking for a partner who can deliver outsourced remote monitoring of IT systems and third line support. With a strong track record in delivering innovative and cost-effective services for infrastructure, business continuity, data management, and access solutions, Frontier Technology came out as the best choice amongst the IT providers vying for the partnership.

Frontier Technology’s skillset and up-to-date expertise offer the organisation an opportunity to transform its current support service for the better. Costs will be dramatically reduced and just as importantly, there will now be a transparent delivery and reporting methodology with a range of internal efficiencies. Moreover, Frontier Technology provides a better IT roadmap and assistance in advising sound IT strategy for remote monitoring for the business.

“Our support model comprises of a fixed annual cost in conjunction with ‘pay-per-use’ support units,” quips Frontier Technology Managing Director Edwin Wong. “The support unit cost is based on the actual rather than estimated duration of resolution efforts.” Support unit consumption typically decreases on a yearly basis as the knowledge is transferred to the internal IT team while they develop a better understanding of their systems. By contrast, a pure fixed annual cost model does not easily allow costs to be reduced because skills gained by the internal IT team cannot be deducted from the budgeted amount.

Other than timely reporting and project and asset management, the remote monitoring services that Frontier Technology is rendering include a 24×7 support console and a live view of real-time device-level information, providing valuable information for remote management and diagnostics. It also includes a change control system that is fully customised to meet the organisation’s unique requirements using  ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes.

These services are managed through the Frontier Service Portal; using a relational database from which pre-defined reports may be generated. Speed and accuracy are greatly improved as report production no longer requires manual intervention. Authorised representatives can access live management information in the portal at any time, improving cost and service transparency.

Frontier Technology’s proven service record, flexibility, and relevant portfolio of cloud and on-premise solutions are key factors in the expansion of its client base. For assistance in your IT requirements, or to enquire about our 3rd line IT support service, please get in touch with us on 0845 603 6552.