Attendees of the recently concluded event held at The Royal Exchange in London found out how managing mobile users even offline was made possible with the introduction of Citrix XenClilent Enterprise edition. say yes to Offline VDI.

When you start a desktop virtualisation project, one decision seems to trump all others: whether you want offline VDI or virtual desktops connected to the corporate network. Should users be able to use their virtual PC even if they do not have virtual desktop connectivity back to the enterprise? For some, the decision regarding offline VDI is a little more complex. You need to consider how much control IT needs over portable systems and whether you need to support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy.

The new XenClient Enterprise combines all the power of the XenClient hypervisor with a rich set of management functionality designed to help enterprise customers manage large fleets of corporate laptops across a distributed enterprise. The combined solution will give corporate laptop users the power of virtual desktops “to go”, whether online or offline, while making it far more secure and cost-effective for IT to manage thousands of corporate laptops across today’s increasingly mobile enterprise.

For a copy of the presentations, download them here:

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