Turning Big Data to Small Footprint

Frontier Technology, together with DataCore and CommVault, recently held a forum that discussed data storage and management; and how turning big data into small footprint can result in big savings and small to no stress for the IT manager.

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created in a day1, CIOs are preparing to cope with the challenge of capturing, storing, sharing, analysing, and managing data that is within, and even outside, the realms of their organisation.

Below is a summary of the discussions with access to the presentations.

Data Management vs. Big Data

Are your virtual machines getting fat?  Is Big Data making them chunky, eating up all the free spaces, and forcing organisations to procure storage solutions endlessly? If the answer is yes, it is about time to exorcise these virtual machines and get them slim.  Slimmer and scalable servers mean savings on storage and backup.  But just how can organisations turn big data into a smaller footprint? Archiving.

Archiving, not to be confused with backup, should be for all data, not just mails.  It should be seamless and offsite but not necessarily on tape. Find out more and download Frontier Technology’s presentation here.

Virtualise Fearlessly with Scalable Virtual Server Protection

The adoption of a virtual server infrastructure introduces incredible efficiencies. But it can also introduce new challenges driven by consolidated datastores, dynamic workloads, and scalable infrastructures. It’s these changing dynamics that are forcing organizations to rethink their data protection strategy so that it is optimized with the functionality that’s needed in a virtual server world.2

With virtualisation maturing, the next step would be to eliminate data protection roadblocks. Find out more and download CommVault’s presentation here.

Storage Clinic

Accessible, cost-effective, flexible, and fast.  These are the major factors to be considered when diagnosing storage conditions to be healthy.  However, organisations that are currently tackling the effects of big data often find this state difficult to attain. According to ESG Research, 50% of companies with more than 100 production servers report that they expect to grow storage between 30-50% annually, with the explosion of unstructured data and instrumented systems driving a massive wave of content.

A common quick fix to storage problem is piling up on hardware upon hardware.  However, research shows that storage systems are 60-65% empty space3.  This is where software-defined storage comes in.  It empowers users, delivers a new level of hardware interchangeability, and is in congruence with the latest IT trend of commoditisation, openness, and resource pooling. DataCore, the leading storage virtualisation software, delivers compelling business value – better ROI, faster application performance, continuous availability, and can rapidly integrate technologies from competitors with its device-independent storage virtualisation.

Find out more and download DataCore’s presentation here.