Frontier Technology Heads the March on DataCore’s New Software Product line

True virtual desktops are ‘stateful’ (or persistent) and deliver similar user experience, browse and do downloads. A user can turn the virtual desktop off and then back on and it retains the ‘state’ of what he or she is doing, just like closing and opening a laptop.

DataCore VDS addresses unfulfilled SMB market demand for cost-effective solutions

Small and medium businesses want to adopt desktop virtualisation for the same reasons large enterprises do – to reduce desktop management costs, improve productivity, and increase business agility.  However, they often find enterprise-class solutions overkill for smaller environments.

Unlike VDI offerings aimed at ‘Big Companies’ on the market which are complex and require many thousands of desktops to justify the high costs involved, DataCore VDS dramatically lowers the complexity and significantly reduces the cost per VDI instance. The solution is priced and sized for small, medium-size businesses and departmental users. DataCore VDS addresses this unfulfilled market demand with cost-effective and simple to use solutions specifically designed to meet the budgets and needs of 50 to 200 virtual desktop deployments. Most importantly, DataCore VDS makes it economically possible to not sacrifice performance and have a ‘true’ desktop user experience.

The Ultimate Objective: A Great User Experience

Other VDI approaches tend to be complex, costly, and inefficient. Also, they are difficult to install and manage. Whilst the ultimate objective is to provide users with a virtual desktop that performs and works as well or better than a physical computer, this objective is the first to be sacrificed due to the high costs needed to achieve the ‘true’ desktop experience and responsiveness that end-users expect.

Storage has been the major barrier and cost factors; current VDI approaches have had to use expensive storage networks, enterprise storage arrays, fast disks, SSDs, and shared storage to achieve needed performance. However, the economics do not make sense. The cost of storage has limited VDI deployments only to large companies with big budgets. All the above arguments together dictate the need for a new approach to address the storage cost and performance challenges.

DataCore VDS Compelling Benefits

DataCore VDS is an easy and affordable virtual desktop solution designed for SMBs. It deploys on a single server and includes the tools Windows® administrators need to rapidly deliver centrally-managed virtual desktops to any user for less than the cost of new PCs.

►    Simple and Fast to Install, Administer and Use

  • Runs on off-the-shelf servers; any storage
  • Intuitive and easy for administrators to use

►    Affordable and Super Storage Efficient

  • Uses a fraction of storage compared to other VDI architectures

►    A High-Performance Optimized Architecture

  • Delivers ‘Best in Class’ price performance
  • Optimally manages I/O traffic and caches to achieve high performance

►    A Powerful ‘Stateful’ Virtual Desktop Computing Solution

  • True Desktop computing. What users expect!

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