Data Management Strategy for Modern Times

Before Facebook and Twitter, before high-res digital cameras, and before the sudden, massive explosion of processed and unprocessed information and data which we now call Big Data, tape backup was the trusted and cost-effective way to manage backup, archiving, and even disaster recovery.

However, with today’s rapidly advancing technologies that empower and allow employees to access, share and manipulate high-quality corporate data, organisations are suddenly seeing a massive gap with their traditional strategy and their current business requirements.

Frontier Technology, backed by the leader* in backup/recovery software CommVault, understands the changes needed to keep up-to-date with real and modern data management issues.  Frontier Technology has been supporting various organisations around the UK in their transition from purely tape-based backup to a disc-based, virtual environment – be it full or partial, in-house or as a managed service, or a hybrid of tape, discs and the cloud.

In the case of Workspace Group, a leading provider of business premises that are tailored to the needs of new and growing companies across London, Nigel Gibbs, Business Systems Director, recalls how the financial crunch in 2008 had opened up opportunities for them to provide workspaces to organisations that were keen on cutting costs.  With this change, the organisation’s IT requirements – specifically in managing data – were transformed from simple to complex.  Now, they have to continuously add data groups to support operational initiatives such as data from e-commerce, data from shared office spaces (Club Workspace), video and images required in facilities management, and architectural and construction data for buildings development and maintenance.  Add to that is the need to accommodate and store ever-growing emails.

How Workspace addressed their business needs through modernising their data infrastructure as part of the discussion at the recently concluded event hosted by Frontier Technology and CommVault at the Apex Hotel, London.

For a full copy of the presentation, please download them here:

Efficiently Protect, Manage and Access Big Data – by Nigel Tozer, Business Development Director EMEA, CommVault

How Modern Data Management can Reduce Backup Spend – by James Petschenyk, Big Data Advisor, Frontier Technology

Case Study: How Workspace Group Saved Costs & Boosted Operations by Modernising Backup, Archiving and Recovery – Nigel Gibbs, Business Systems Director, Workspace

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