G-Cloud: Frontier Technology Now Open for Business with the Public Sector


In response to the UK public sector’s increasing demand for more reliable options when it comes to the provision of cloud computing technologies, HM Government Procurement Service has accredited Frontier Technology to offer two of its flagship solutions – Frontier Continuity Service (FCS) and Frontier Monitoring Service (FMS) via the G-Cloud 4 framework.

FCS is a private cloud-based business continuity solution that offers organisations near-instant access to their data and applications in the event of a disaster. It removes the need for organisations to rely solely on their IT department in the management of mission-critical data.

However, FMS is a monitoring-as-a-service solution that can prevent unplanned systems downtime which increases IT availability. This shows the current condition as well as the utilisation of servers, applications, and networks; and performs health checks by troubleshooting poor performance.

Mutual benefits

This G-Cloud appointment makes it easy for government-led organisations to benefit from Frontier Technology’s unique offering previously available only to private firms. Edwin Wong goes on to explain this in more detail, “We’ve had a lot of enquiries from public sectors such as local councils and NHS surgeries in the past. They were seeking niche solutions that only a handful of providers offer. Now, we’re making it easy for them to make use of our services through the CloudStore.”

For more information, please get in touch with us on 0845 603 6552.