Tintri for High Performance Virtual Workloads

Tintri is a VM-Aware storage solution built specifically for high-performance virtual workloads, managing storage at the VM level across three hypervisors. It is challenging convention from the ground up, taking an old concept and completely reinventing it.

Catering specifically to virtualised environments, leading analyst Gartner has named Tintri as a Visionary in the 2014 Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays. They are positioned furthest to the right on ‘completeness of vision’ among the other next-generation solution providers. Read the full Garner report here>

Tintri’s Feature Set Includes:
  • Zero Touch Management – After a basic 10-minute installation, all ongoing management takes place in VCenter, with each array (up to 80 TBs) presenting itself as one data store. No ongoing tuning is required!
  • VM-Aware file system – Traditional storage systems force you to set policies, snapshots, cloning, and replication, at the volume or LUN level. Tintri believes that Volumes and LUNs are outdated concepts that pre-date virtualisation so all actions are based on a per VM level.
  • Tintri Global Centre – A management, alerting and control platform giving customers a single pane of glass, enterprise-wide, view of all the virtual machines and their storage attributes. As per Tintri’s mantra, these are delivered at a per VM level. TGC will also deliver enterprise-wide load balancing capabilities across a network of appliances running a mixture of hypervisors.
  • ReplicateVM – ReplicateVM provides real-time analytical graphs on a per VM level for both logical and physical network throughput which enables customers to fully understand which specific VMS are using bandwidth and therefore throttle accordingly. At its core ReplicateVM delivers per VM capabilities enabling customers to select specific VMs to replicate therefore offering flexibility around scoping of recovery site targets.
  • Unparalleled Performance – Leveraging best-of-breed hardware, Tintri’s OS enables per VM performance scalability. Rather than being constricted to traditional first in first out scheduling, Tintri offers scalable performance to each VM with no degradation based on capacity limitations.

Tintri recently appointed Frontier Technology as one of its solutions delivery and fulfillment partner in the UK.  For more information, please contact us at info@frontiertechnology.co.uk | 0845 603 6552