Frontier Technology Goes Green

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the sole national accreditation body recognised by the British government to assess the competence or organisations, has awarded Frontier Technology the ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental Management Systems.

Sustainability is a Key Priority

Internationally recognised, this new certification proves our straight-forward approach to using less energy resource and reducing waste.

“Sustainability is on top of our priorities in corporate responsibility. ISO 14001 demonstrates our commitment to reducing negative environmental impact” quips Frontier Technology’s Managing Director, Edwin Wong. “This is reflected in our staff’s attitude towards their day-to-day functions through to how we operate our data centres and working office environments.”

IT Ecosystem

The information and technology ecosystem now represents around 10% of the world’s electricity consumption, eclipsing the aviation industry. In the EU, data centres account for around 5% of electricity consumption. In response to this, forward-thinking technology vendors have since introduced smart energy-saving hardware.

Edwin went on to say, “It’s all well and good but more needs to be done. The responsibility does not end with the suppliers. It needs to be shared with the users as well.” Frontier Technology promotes responsible consumption of resources within its organisation and carefully chooses suppliers based on these criteria.

Green Credentials of Our Data Centres:

  • British Standards Institute certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management system for managed hosting, cloud computing, networking and colocation services.
  • As a Green Grid member, our data centres source all of their energy from renewable sources.
  • Our data centres have been awarded the Green IT Award, hosted by Green IT Magazine, for achievement in ethical management practices, commercial impact and decisiveness.