Virtualise your storage with SvSAN and VMware vSphere

More than 500,000 customers have opted to virtualise their infrastructure with VMware, yet many are still relying on costly and unwieldy hardware for their storage needs.

Physical SANs are not fit-for-purpose in these evolving virtual environments or suited to the needs of ROBO and SME organisations. To enable advanced hypervisor features such as high availability you need shared storage. However, physical SANs are costly, still a single point of failure and they make scaling out to multi-sites expensive and time-consuming.

What if you could eliminate physical SANs and simplify each deployment to a two-server footprint?

Realising the challenges faced by ROBO and SMEs, VMware and StorMagic have developed a highly available, two-server shared storage solution based on VMware vSphere and StorMagic SvSAN. This enables you to:

•    eliminate costly physical SANs – reducing your IT footprint
•    centralise storage management – using VMware vCenter or a web GUI interface
•    deploy shared storage with no single point of failure
•    save on CapEx with less hardware at each site
•    reduce OpEx costs as your power, maintenance and sparing costs are cut

Additionally, SvSAN enables the use of advanced hypervisor features in VMware vSphere such as VMware HA, vMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) without the need for external storage.

Read the full solution brief here.

How does SvSAN offer you that low-cost two-server virtual SAN solution?

StorMagic SvSAN leverages internal server storage to present it as highly available, shared storage using just two servers and allows users to manage storage at one to thousands of sites from a central location, lowering storage TCO by 40%.

Using three servers or more, VMware also has a virtual storage offering with VSAN. Tailored towards larger data centers, this virtual SAN is not optimized for ROBO and SME environments.

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