We’ve Officially Launched our Frontier FutureTech Seminar Series!

We recently launched our brand new series of seminars, Frontier FutureTech Seminar Series, to showcase emerging technologies coming to market, and to find out how these disruptive technologies are likely to change the tech landscape. With all of this in mind, Frontier FutureTech Series was born, comprising of a series of seminars showcasing never-before-seen products or themes, that are up-and-coming and sure to take the tech scene by storm. On January 30th, we held the first seminar in our, at Core Bar in Central London.

Frontier FutureTech Seminar Series is open to anyone who has an interest in emerging tech content and all things disruptive!

Our intro event introduced attendees to the themes and topics we will be focusing on, as well as presenting a teaser of some of our favourite new technologies about to come to market. We aim to create an educational, interactive, and engaging space, with content that will be beneficial for IT divisions of any business.

The facets of technology that we will focus on over the series will be:

• Data access & storage – new players that have emerged that will dramatically compete with Amazon – on both price and performance.

• Data classification and discovery methods that you would think may not be possible but are.

• Compliance and data protection methods, that make this complicated subject easier to manage with seamless visibility.

• Cryptocurrencies – a demonstration on the process of creation, value, and potential with interactive competitions on formulation and understanding.

• The cloud is dead, long live the cloud – a new way of providing infrastructure that has never been done before.

And that’s just some of the highlights, for the upcoming six-month series of seminars.

Why are we doing this, you ask?

These are not sales evenings, rest assured. Frontier FutureTech Seminar Series will be educational evenings with interactive discussions, live demonstrations of technology that will enlighten you on the possibilities for future technical road-maps to consider.

Hopefully, you were able to make it to our intro evening, if not, we hope to see you at the next one!