Charity Walk: Dale’s walking from Canada to Mexico!

Actually, that’s not our Dale! We’re talking about his 24-year-old son, also Dale (or Dale. Jr).

Frontier Technology is pumped up to see Dale brave this challenge, as he primes to go the distance for his cause. He has planned his charity walk to help the homeless of Milton Keynes.

He is hoping to raise a pound for every mile of his charity walk, that’s about £3,100. He’s walking the length of the USA. He’s about 6 weeks into his charity walk and about to arrive in Yellowstone Park.

Dale is organising this charity walk through Wonderful Organisation is a fantastic way to support his cause.

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About Wonderful Organisation:

The Wonderful Organisation gives both registered charities and fundraisers a platform that transfered all funds raised through the activities of fundraisers to charities’ bank accounts, making no deductions whatsoever. This fundraising site ensures charities receive 100 percent of donations as the philanthropic organisation covers all costs, including card processing fees, through corporate sponsors. This philanthropic organisation recognises the huge efforts of fundraisers to maximise their fundraising potential for charities. By harnessing the latest technology, they’re ensuring that their new platform has the capabilities to cater to the ever-growing demand for fee-free fundraising.