Frontier Data Security & Management Framework

Earlier this month, Frontier released a preview of their 10 stack model for data security and management, ahead of the GDPR. The preview was presented to 30 hand-picked firms, to gauge feedback and to receive some all-important insight from companies across many sectors. The discussion itself was insightful, delving into GDPR at an advanced level, with the impact on the legal, government, financial, and healthcare sectors.

Why did we decide to roll-out this Framework? Because, when regulations change, so must the associated Technology! When it comes to regulatory deadlines, we truly believe preparation is key.

So, what is our Data Framework all about? In essence, it is centred on 10 key principles, for data security and management. Partnership; Infrastructure; Connectivity; Secure Access; Governance; Process; Data Protection; Audit; Validation; and End Users.

Our Framework was originally created with a view to apply to our internal working procedures. But, after refining the core elements over the past 10 years, we can see the value of setting the standard of Data Security and Management for project delivery, service execution and much more. Every element of the 10 Stack has the associated compliance/governance steps that they achieve.

By following this Framework, you achieve a high standard of governance for data security and management, that can enable stakeholders of any given service or indeed project a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, this said framework will enable any given firm a concrete base, to achieve good governance for data management for impending regulations such as GDPR. As we all know, non-compliance is not an option so we need to be as ready as possible.

The ICO continues to clamp down on non-compliant organizations, as demonstrated by the number and value of fines issued for DPA-related offenses over the last few years. It’s can cause irreversible damage to your brand and can be expensive, to say the least. Communication giant TalkTalk was fined £400,000 by the ICO, for allowing a cyber attacker to access customer data with relative ease. Not to mention Boomerang Video Ltd., which was fined £60,000 for a similar error.

At Frontier, we have been preparing for the GDPR for a long time, and we aim to fine-tune our Framework even further before the ever-looming May 28th deadline ends the data-focused world as we know it. We have done our homework and we believe this Framework is applicable to any industry, in order to become more GDPR ready.

Frontier will keep you informed on the latest developments with the regulated markets in respect of the technical challenges, the latest solutions as well as our own developments within this area.