Enabling our Customers’ Remote Workforce

Working From Home

Prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have taken a comprehensive and holistic approach to empower their remote workforce and benefit from a work-from-home world. Many businesses had to quickly adapt to a working-from-home model from March 2020. Frontier has been supporting this intense shift in terms of both infrastructure sustenance and the quick scaling needs of its customers.

Delivering continuity and scale with a remote work strategy: This instantaneous necessity of a remote workforce frenzied every business with an instant need for remote access, security, communication, and collaboration. With more than 70% of the workforce required to work remotely straightaway, one of the UK’s leading multinational financial services provider needed an extensive scaling of infrastructure resources for a work-from-home solution within the constraints of a strict security policy, appropriate authentication procedures, and identity access management for every user. They also had an accelerated need for extra servers to remove networking and data/storage complexities. These requirements were swiftly managed meaning their workforce remained efficient and effective irrespective of their location.

Aiding remote workforce communication infrastructure needs: The pandemic has changed businesses’ patterns of working and, in turn, ways of communication. For example, one of the UK’s leading independent logistics and trade management provider needed an urgent flex up of their telephone systems to meet their communication challenges. Their existing system had limitations in regards to expansion and adding locations and connectivity became challenging with the need for hardware and software at each remote location their employees were working from, coupled with additional workload over their phone systems. Armed with a new telephone system supplied to their network to support the additional workload, users, and locations, they had their communication setup up-and-running in no time.

Providing a compliant cloud platform and security for the remote workforce: A globally-renowned customer, operating in a highly regulated industry needed enhanced security for its remote workforce. Saddled with industry regulations, avoiding the worst-case scenario for them meant finding ways to deal with an extensively secure network, data centre, cloud, remote desktop, and mobile device setup and identity access management. Not to forget, mobile and remote device data storage and security, collaboration tool security and planning, and most importantly, backup and disaster recovery for all end-points. It was ensured that the infrastructure distributed workloads between data centres (compliant with high-end security audit conventions), the network, and beyond its edge into a secure private cloud and back to adequate home remote setups for quick and secure access.

Extended support: With the entire country going into lockdown, data protection across an entire organisation requires a whole lot of extensive support and scaling of resources. Our customers received extended remote support during business hours, and maintenance windows outside working hours. This included tackling remote setup challenges, such as corporate VPN setup, software configurations, virtual desktop infrastructure, along with extensive data protection as well as permissions between the network, data centres, the cloud, and desktops or mobile devices, and other services.