Webinar on ‘Benefits of Continuous Security Validation’

Don’t wait till your cyber-security has been breached.

Watch our latest webinar on “Benefits of Continuous Security Validation for your Cyber Security Stance”.

The great contradiction in cybersecurity today is that the more enterprises spend on security and risk controls, the less sure they are about their performance. This webinar will help you understand how to leverage a Continuous Security Validation Platform to identify how individual assets in your security program respond to specific attacks. Join us to learn how to use technology like automated penetration testing to build a unified security validation platform for all your cybersecurity requirements, so you can:

  • Validate that your cloud security policies work the way you have intended
  • Explore and highlight vulnerabilities in your network – public cloud, private cloud or physical assets
  • Speed up incident investigation across different cloud and physical environments

In this webinar, Joshua Duce, Cyber Security Expert will discuss and conduct a demonstration of the Continuous Security Validation Platform. He will show how organisations can obtain real-time metrics about the effectiveness of their security controls and the unmitigated risks to their systems. He will also present real-world enterprise use cases.


Josh Duce, Cyber Security Expert

Josh Duce

Cyber Expert
Cloud Distribution, London
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Dale Walker Hyde, Client Solutions Advisor, Frontier Technology

Dale Walker Hyde

Client Solutions Advisor
Frontier Technology
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