Frontier Technology accomplishes Cisco Select Integrator Status

London, April 20, 2021: Frontier Technology Limited, a leading IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider focused on providing data security and management solutions, today announced it has been recognised as Cisco Select Integrator in the UK. The Select Integrator status establishes Frontier’s unrivalled ability to build end-to-end solutions based on Cisco technology and services and adding their own unique value to solve critical customer business challenges. Frontier’s robust expertise in Cisco technologies also ensures businesses see fuller adoption of the on-premises compute, cloud networking, and cybersecurity solutions they invest in.

Commenting on the occasion, Managing Director Edwin Wong said, “Frontier has a broad knowledge of Cisco products, services, and software to address a range of solutions to help our customers achieve their business outcomes. Being a customer-focussed company, Cisco Select Integrator status echoes our commitment to helping customers maximise the value of their investment in Cisco environments.

“We recognise that every business is different and each technology deployment needs to be tailored from elements that make the overall solution unique to the customer. Being a Cisco Select Integrator fortifies our position as a trusted advisor who can deliver customised Cisco APIs and advanced services to provide our customers with an unmatched digital experience while solving complex business problems,” he added.

In search of flexible consumption models and reduced time to maximised value, customers have been increasingly moving to SaaS, managed services, and cloud solutions. The Cisco Partner Program is a commitment to ensure that their partners have the right support from Cisco to drive business agility, relevance, and profitability. This unified program combines more than a dozen different siloed partner programs into a single, simpler framework and is structured around the roles partners play with customers instead of how they transact with Cisco.