Frontier Technology (Frontier) is a leading IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider focused on providing data security and management solutions. Since founded in 2005 by a team of experienced IT professionals, we have used private cloud and AnyCloud solution to secure clients’ data. Our design, implementation and support focuses on meeting business regulatory requirements, simplifying operations management, and reducing costs. We offer an extensive suite of customisable cloud solutions and services, providing secure hosting, data management, business continuity, and many more services to clients.

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Our consulting experience allows us to help our clients through their journey of cloud transformation. Our experience allows us to help our clients protect and manage the entire life cycle of their data. Our Data Security and Management Framework is based on an easy-to-follow methodology to seamlessly implement the required solution. This comprehensive all-encompassing framework covers every aspect of IT data security and management, applying a series of data governance and security solutions to ensure data is both secured and controlled yet open enough to provide a seamless user experience.

At the heart of our managed private cloud solutions and services is our UK-based, 24×7 manned data centres. Our teams help many organisations manage the growing complexity of cloud transformation by providing comprehensive support to their IT infrastructure, data security and management requirements.

Leveraging our all-encompassing consulting experience in “AnyCloud”, we provide independent and objective advice that is essential to building a long standing partnership with our clients. We can customise your requirements using our own private cloud platforms at a fixed cost, or using AnyCloud solution for your specific needs. Our team of service delivery managers, consultants and support desk are working in partnership with our clients and are an extension of their IT, providing strategic advice, support, and adding business innovation initiatives.

Our ethos

We provide an unrivalled service at all levels of our engagement. Let us know today how we can help your business.

No “enter-price.”

We conduct enterprise IT without the “enter-price.” At Frontier Technology we maintain this promise, without compromising the calibre of our infrastructure and service.

Taking it personal

We put our heart into everything we do – from recommending the most suitable solution, to providing unrivalled service at all levels of our engagement. We aim to deliver a tailored, personable service to all our clients.

Perfecting our personnel

Our diverse talent pool has been carefully selected based on their years of hands-on experience, willingness to innovate techniques and master new technologies, whilst maintaining a professional, customer-centric attitude at all times.

Culture of excellence

From our managed service portfolio, service delivery, to after-care support, we are committed to delivering only the best and adapting a culture of excellence throughout our company.

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We draw on over fifteen years of experience of using technology to meet our clients complex and unique requirements.

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Our team

Edwin Wong, Managing Director, Frontier Technology

Edwin Wong

Edwin’s fifteen year technical expertise has engineered the rapid growth of Frontier, positioning it as one of Europe’s most respected providers of on-premise and private cloud computing technologies.


Dale walker-Hyde, Client Solutions Advisor, Frontier Technology

Dale Hyde

Dale’s an experienced IT infrastructure consultant specialising in mapping client requirements to today’s technology with a focus on servers and storage, transition to cloud platforms plus data security solutions.


Liam O'Mahoney, Project Team Lead, Frontier Technology

Liam O’Mahoney

A highly driven proactive individual, Liam possesses strong skills in data management and problem resolution and takes a personal interest in guiding us in improving processes, products, services and software.


Dishan Francis, Technical Consultant, Frontier Technology

Dishan Francis

Dishan manages innovative identity infrastructure solutions to improve system stability functionality and efficiency. As a Microsoft MVP and published author his level of knowledge and experience places him among the best in the field.