Dedicated partnership that fits the needs of the business landscape

Frontier Technology prides itself on being vendor-agnostic. We put your needs first over any product in the market. Our growth has been achieved through our close working relationships with our industry-leading partners. We have partnered with different companies to provide the requisite expertise for the successful growth of their businesses.

The partnerships have enabled our affiliates to capitalise on the opportunity and leverage their business in their respective domains to help drive new revenue streams as well as adding value to our existing clients. We can quickly spin up and remotely support new services while acting as a catalyst to further customer demand. Our affiliates and our model doesn’t eliminate customer touch-point – it gives the ones that remain the potential to be much more lucrative!

Frontier has embraced a culture that helps us find out what investment customers have already made in the cloud, the cloud services they are using, and what else they have planned. Getting access to this equips us with the information we need to continue a conversation about what other products and services would be of interest to the customers in the future. We specialise in:

  • Finding affiliates with best of breed offerings, something that can be taken to market quickly
  • Aligning business goals while being open with our affiliates for more collaboration and better results
  • Help our affiliates explore regional & local markets and expand their business opportunities


Whether you are looking to white label or resell our cloud solutions; or simply use our specialist services to supplement your own, Frontier Technology can help you grow your business.