A family of Data Solutions optimised for the Legal Industry

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Commvault Activate™ is a data analytics tool providing actionable data insights for the legal industry within business, search, eDiscovery, and governance contexts. It is an integrated toolset that includes data storage optimisation, sensitive data governance, and compliance search and eDiscovery.

Data Storage Optimisation: Eliminate redundancy, lower costs, and reduce the risk for your data
  • Lower operating costs and avoid data sprawl by easily identifying and removing obsolete, duplicate, or redundant data
  • Drive efficiency with insights into storage consumption by the user, file type, age, and tree size — facilitating chargeback and better data tiering
  • Assign ownership to remediate orphaned data and reduce the risk of data loss or exposure with the Entitlement Manager
  • Accelerate data consolidation and cloud migration initiatives by moving the right data to the right tiers
Sensitive Data Governance: Define, find, and manage your critical or sensitive data
  • Quickly remediate issues by quarantining live production data or even deleting sensitive files from backup copies
  • Use document chaining to expand your search results
  • A single global search for compliance-related data across your on-prem, cloud, virtual, physical, and endpoint data
  • Integration and data export to external stakeholders as part of compliance or legal responses
Compliance Search & eDiscovery: Enabling faster responses to legal and compliance requests
  • Leverage AI/ML to find and identify sensitive data across your primary and backup data sources via the Entity Manager
  • Open APIs enable the data to be exported in native format for external stakeholders or further processing by case management tools
  • Use Case Manager to flag relevant data for legal hold and further review
  • Orchestrate review, audit, and reporting for compliance processes with Request Manager’s built-in workflows