SolarWinds is a top monitoring platform, allowing customers to have high visibility of each of their sites across their PWAN, it also gives you an alert when these sites are down. Giving you detailed monitoring review of the services going across it. Solve your toughest infrastructure problems with the PerfStack dashboard’s cross-stack IT data correlation. Be the first to know when issues arise with intelligent alert notifications before they become critical. And, get deeper visibility into the health and performance of critical network hardware with Network Insight features for firewalls, load balancers and switches.

Setting up real hardware is like going back in time, and no matter how good your IT skills are, it is still a long and gruelling process which has many room for error. But this is where Frontier Technology can do wonders for you, with SolarWinds. A managed service that is tailored towards your needs when it comes to monitoring as a service, all your apps, programs, systems, networks, and more.

Monitor your entire infrastructure in a customisable console.

Helps quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues.

Measure the health of the logical network, in addition to the physical network

Network Insight features for firewalls, load balancers and switches

Drill down into specific details, and view histograms and baselines for key metrics

No matter who makes your hardware, SolarWinds can make it easy to reduce outages

View traffic, configuration and performance details for on-premise, cloud and hybrid services

A complete network solutions built for network engineers by network engineers