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There’s no way to predict the future. Hard drives malfunction unpredictably, cyber-attacks are on the rise, and natural disasters may strike with little to no warning. At some point, all computer hardware fails. Whether it’s from age or accident, data loss is inevitable in such a case. This can cripple an organisation and destroy profits just as easily. This is why an effective business continuity plan and Backup & Disaster Recovery solution are essential to virtually every business today. Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform, which is based on Virtual Replication, zeroes in on continuity among on-premises, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Business Continuity with Zerto leverages Virtual Replication in an on-premises private cloud like, Frontier Continuity Service or with Amazon, Azure and IBM public clouds. Zerto cloud storage is multi-site, multi-tenant, technology-agnostic and centrally managed. Zerto DR uses Virtual Replication software to automate DR implementation, testing and management. Replication is done at the hypervisor level, enabling more flexibility, control and cost savings over traditional storage and logical unit number (LUN)-based storage systems. With disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), Zerto allows for pay-as-you-go replication from on-premises storage to Frontier cloud storage. Alternatively, Zerto DRaaS can protect existing cloud workloads by replicating them to different cloud locations.

Frontier Technology: At the forefront with Zerto

Frontier Technology business continuity plan with Zerto has the revolutionary technology to take the Disaster Recovery from storage level and move it up to stack into the hypervisor, Zerto. Zerto is the industry’s only all-in-one IT resilience platform and leading hypervisor-based replication technology, converging Disaster Recovery, Backup and Cloud Mobility in one simple, scalable platform.

Zerto’s continuous availability has the power to protect against any disruption, as we offer in our business continuity services whether the disruption is planned or not. By utilising Zerto’s business continuity platforms, the Frontier Continuity Service aims to provide a simple and reliable private cloud disaster recovery solution that takes ownership for the pressures, intricacies and complexities of ensuring business can return to normal under the worst of circumstances.

Frontier Technology is well positioned to deliver this service, having built its core competencies within the consulting discipline, specifically in the areas of data management, remote access and infrastructure technologies.