Pcysys Automated Pen Testing Service

Pcysys - Automated Penetration Testing

Frontier’s automated pen testing from Pcysys can be delivered as a service or as a client managed in-house solution.

Built upon 15-years’ consulting experience around IT infrastructure and security, we have developed a ten element Data Security and Management Framework for organisations to adopt. This security framework provides an easy-to-follow methodology to seamlessly implement the required security and management solution. Therefore, taking another step towards our commitment to leverage this methodology to define possible solutions and to manage risk and vulnerabilities, Frontier has introduced automated pen testing as a service from Pcysys.

Frontier Data Security & Management Framework

Replacing the human element with a system automates the pen testing. Skilled and experienced IT professionals perform traditional pen testing, but this human element is rather subjective and potentially inconsistent and flawed exercise. The system periodically attempts all of the expected exploitation and dynamic hacking techniques. These exploits include techniques like, sniffing, lateral movement, remote execution, target DoS, password cracking, ethical malware injection and privilege escalation.

Working with our technology partner Pcysys’s PenTera tool, Frontier can deploy a well-executed automated pentesting service providing a detailed overview of your organisation’s exploitable vulnerabilities. The overview includes actionable recommendations on how you can optimise your protection levels in the short-term, mid-term and long-term. Most importantly, Pcysys’ automated pentesting service can be provided either as an in-house platform to allow pentesting whenever it’s needed or as pentesting as a service-on-a schedule to suit your requirements, typically monthly or quarterly, or on-demand when changes occur within your environment.

PenTera: A Thousand Pen-Testers at Your Service

  • Automated solution mimicking the hackers’ attack
  • Automates the discovery of vulnerabilities and performs ethical exploits
  • Agentless solution starts with physical LAN access and no network configuration

PenTera tool performs ethical exploits without disruption of service and provides reports to measure weaknesses by their potential risk and business impact. The tool selects the minimal amount of vulnerability to stop the attack. It suggests prioritised remediation steps based on threat facing priorities relevant to network and critical assets. Moreover, it also allows you to run a targeted attack for testing the cyber resilience of specific applications or network.

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