There are many reasons why many businesses choose to work with Frontier Technology delivering RingCentral as their main communications platform. RingCentral impresses from the very beginning, as soon as the user realises that they can migrate smoothly from whatever landline or cloud system they may be using. Even for small and midmarket companies, RingCentral provides enterprise-grade communication capabilities, including calls, fax, text, BYOD, and mobile apps. It doesn’t really matter how your software landscape looks at that moment – RingCentral offers just the right integrations to make the system blend inside (Microsoft, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google, Zendesk, and many more). Managing the system will be just as easy as it is to set it up, and there will hardly ever be a need to consult technicians or spend money on expensive training and repairs.

An organised system

Our experts were impressed by the fact that RingCentral handles complex phone configurations the same way it transfers contact numbers for simple ones, and makes the transition simple to help least-savvy users cope with it without training. In fact, the manipulative and responsive interface is often considered to be the strongest side of this system.

Unparalleled communications

Using RingCentral, companies experience a record reduction of repetitive tasks and hours spent on managing batch templates, and are happy to have a whole new set of convenient options for editing those templates. Customisation was, is, and will continue being the focal point in this PBX, as users tailor settings depending on their role and location. In a scenario like this, the user can set up multi-level call-flow configurations, allow callers to dial employees and reach local lines, link direct numbers to trunk lines to access external parties, and so on. As much as 250 voice menus are available for each account, which is more than enough for identifying issues and misconfigurations.

A well-connected team

The reason is that employees’ smartphones are instantly transformed into BYOD line extensions, and calls can be easily redirected to them. As we already mentioned, there is no restriction as to what type of administrative functions you can perform on a mobile device. The bandwidth quality is simply exceptional.

Emergency duration

How many systems can you think of that have impeccable performance in case of emergencies? RingCentral is known by its business continuity in cases of poor, but even completely lost Internet connection.

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