IT is under pressure to deliver new technologies and IT services faster, 80% of the time is spent just to keep the lights on. The problem seems to be legacy infrastructure, IT staff struggle to stay on top of complicated mix of point solutions, each with a different management tool. Between 8 to 12 different devices required to run today’s virtualised environments, devices that require endless refresh cycles and management that complicated and costly.

HPE SimpliVity is a simple and flexible solution that can replace the virtual infrastructure to meet all changing needs, letting the users simplify, deploy quickly and see good ROI in a short amount of time while increasing storage and backup efficiency, and improving application performance for less than the cost of public cloud solutions.

This technology exists to simplify the infrastructure, integrated systems were created. They combine servers, storage and storage networking into a preconfigured solution, but they didn’t take into account all the other infrastructure below the hypervisor.

Software defined hyperconverged systems were built to offer the efficiency and agility of cloud but they still didn’t include all of the components required to run a virtual infrastructure. HPE SimpliVity combines the entire infrastructure into a simple, powerful and efficient building block, dramatically improving data centre efficiency and performance.

8 reasons on why we use HPE SimpliVity?

  1. Simplicity – consolidates complexity keeping it all in one place
  2. Reduces footprint on the racks, number of cables and eases the administrative work.
  3. Easy rollback – the ability to roll-back to a previous VM makes it easier to carry out tests.
  4. Low maintenance – requires little hands on technicalities in order to get anything fixed
  5. Fast virtual desktop deployment – It can take 5-15 minutes per desktop to reboot, with SimpliVity I can take upto 2 minutes per desktop, which proficient for business continuity.
  6. Imrpoved service – more automated, simpler and easier to manage
  7. Better power and space consumption – less to maintain and more efficient
  8. Time saving – simply set it and forget it. Only check it once in a while.

HPE SimpliVity gives you better efficiency gains from built-in resiliency, back-up and disaster recovery.

Effectively and easily run all of your virtualised workloads.

Improve your application response times. 88% of customers see dramatic increases.