By 2020, the majority of application workloads will be “in the cloud”

Today, 66% of enterprises use more than one provider. It’s a multi-cloud world.

Responsibility for keeping your data secure rests with you, not your cloud provider.

As enterprises data repositories grow, so do the opportunities for attack. More data also means increased compliance scrutiny, as data mandates require the protection of sensitive personal information. Attackers know where to go to find personal data and are have sophisticated techniques and tools to evade traditional security measures like firewalls, and important protection.

Measures that have been defeated by todays’ advanced threats, in addition, data security is often perceived as being overly complexed resulting in inadequate or incomplete security approaches.

To address today’s threats to sensitive data, enterprises need a security strategy designed specifically with data protection and compliance requirements in mind, on or off premises, at rest or always on.

If things start to go wrong, you need to be confident your data is secure. Thales multi-cloud security solutions integrate with your public, private and hybrid cloud services through partnerships with industry-leading providers worldwide including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform Salesforce.

Thales E-Security Cycles

Thales E-Security like vormetric transparent encryption and the cypher trust cloud key manager, secure sensitive data anywhere with centralised visibility and management of encryption services you can’t get from public cloud providers.

  • Granulised data access controls
  • Centralised encryption key management
  • Security intelligence
  • Data Mobility
  • Protect Data
  • Simplify Control
  • Meet Compliance Mandates
  • All in a multi-cloud environment

Thales E-Security gives you easy access and high security with its cloud friendly features, bring your own key (BYOK) or Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)

  • Encryption
  • Key Management
  • Tokenisation

Organisations rely on Thales to secure their most sensitive data, where it is stored, shared or secured. Simpifying control and ensuring compliance over data security in multi-cloud environments.

As more and more workloads move to the cloud, the challenges of security and compliance only grows. Thales E-Security helps organisations in securing all digital transformations with advanced cloud security solutions that keep users in controls of their data.