Since 2007 Frontier Technology has been providing managed services and expert technical consultancy to regulated industries.

In addition to providing assistance for public cloud platform migrations (such as Office365, Microsoft Azure, AWS and others), Frontier also offers enterprise class, highly available, private cloud hosting services. These managed services target clients who need to migrate existing server and application workloads to a familiar environment for a predictable, monthly cost and to delegate infrastructure resource availability, together with a day-to-day management and platform maintenance, to a trusted, experienced partner.

Frontier Technology offers so much more than the major public cloud ‘faceless’ entities. Our team of service delivery managers, technical consultants and support desk staff become a seamless extension of your internal resource, adding depth and breadth to your resource pool, freeing up time in your team to focus on business innovation initiatives.

Managed Services

Frontier AnyCloud Managed Services

Further to the Frontier hosting platform, we also deliver a comprehensive suite of private cloud managed services, summarised below:


Select your compute, RAM and storage requirements and provision virtual servers in our Tier 4 datacentre


A comprehensive continuity service offering low RPOs and RTOs, solution design and testing for one server or hundreds


Cost effective enterprise class backup and archive platform with recovery at file, folder, mail and/or server level


Allow Frontier to remove the headache of systems patching by subscribing to our automated platform


Gain pro-active systems insight with device or application level monitoring, reporting and analysis

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Why Partner with Frontier Technology for your managed services for cloud?


Business interruptions can happen in many forms, whether it’s data loss, data theft, technical failures, cyber attack or indeed human error. Frontier Continuity Service safeguards both your data and your technology whatever the circumstance, giving you piece of mind 24/7.

Businesses across all sectors experience outages from time to time and over the past decade Frontier has perfected a compliant recovery solution that will keep your business running, whatever your sector, your technology or indeed your location and provide short, granular recovery points and low recovery times.

Business continuity should not be an ‘all or nothing’ approach to IT resumption. Frontier apply a granular service delivery, safeguarding you from breaches such as crypto virus type attacks.

Backup and Governance

Whilst continuity services are provided to ensure that an organisation can continue uninterrupted or at the least suffer minimal downtime or data loss, backup services allow you to retrieve and recover data from specific points in time.

Solutions within the regulated industries include enterprise class, policy driven backup and recovery services supporting all hypervisors, operating systems and business applications. Frontier’s archive solutions for email and file systems are supplemented by governance solutions, providing deep and context-aware visibility into enterprise-wide data powered by “human free” machine learning technologies.

Frontier Technology’s data governance services will help you develop a solid data governance policies to meet your organisational and regulatory demands.


Unpatched IT systems are one of the easiest attack vectors for criminals looking to gain access to corporate networks. Hackers and security researchers are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities and IT vendors are constantly issuing patches to deal with them. However, if those patches are not routinely applied cyber criminals have an easy entry point into your systems.

Frontier’s patch management service automates the patch management process and provides you with an overview of your system’s health, letting you know what your liabilities might be and how urgently a fix may be needed.

The objective of The Frontier Patching Service is to ensure that nothing “slips through the cracks”, without such a service it can be all too easy for infrequently used software to be missed and if that happens you are at risk of introducing major security holes.


The Frontier Monitoring Service is a comprehensive ‘Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service,’ readily-available solution that can dramatically improve overall IT performance, maximise company assets and empower IT teams to deliver the best possible performance from their information ecosystem. Its objective is to proactively monitor and report on IT infrastructure and application health, performance and availability.

Frontier’s Monitoring Service can prevent unplanned application downtime, increasing IT availability and business productivity. It can also show the current condition and utilisation of servers, applications and network and perform health checks by troubleshooting any perceived poor performance.

A major benefit of the Frontier Monitoring Service is that it enables IT administrators to foresee and avoid problems before they are encountered. System alerts forecast any potentially damaging situation, pinpoints its location, identifies the root cause and in many scenarios can carry out remedial action automatically.

Further Elements to Consider


Frontier’s managed service portfolio for cloud delivers easy, fast and cost effective migrations to the best cloud(s) for your business


To and from any source server with cloud, virtual and physical platforms supported


Policy driven systems for easy adherence to corporate data protection needs


Use Frontiers Data Security and Management Framework to identify gaps in your security provision


Gain valuable business insight and trends from your existing data assets


Use data resources to optimise business processes and eliminate inefficiencies


Extend the breadth and depth of your IT skills by calling on Frontier’s pool of experienced consultancy team members


Frontier demonstrates true business value by saving you valuable time, resources and costly mistakes when considering Cloud technologies

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AnyCloud Services

Frontier provides managed services, tailored to regulated industries such as the legal, health/pharmaceutical, financial and insurance sectors. Talk to an expert today at Frontier Technology.

Legal Sector


Under the SRA’s Code of Practice, data stored and archived must be available for retrieval for at least ten years. Frontier has vast experience assisting legal firms in meeting this and many other regulatory requirements.

Financial Sector


The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have outlined strict guidelines on data availability. Frontier aid financial institutions in meeting these guidelines, providing robust Cloud Solutions that include Business Continuity services.

Healthcare & Pharma


The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements specify a high level of privacy and security measures, which are heavily enforced. Frontier provide a resilient, scalable and compliant platform for this sector.

Insurance Sector


The PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) has many guidelines for compliance, such as Solvency II, EIOPA and others. Frontier assist with these data management guidelines across all subsets of regulation. Additionally, we offer an analytics service, providing deeper insights into your structured and unstructured data.

Dedicated, experienced, certified

Our consultants have a wealth of experience over our fifteen year lifespan offering tailored products to fit your needs delivered to industry standard certifications. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

Frontier Cloud Consultants


Our talented consultants bring a wealth of experience across many regulated industries. One of our expert consultants is a Microsoft Valued Professional, (one of only a handful in the UK), as well as being an established author on technical principles.



Frontier has cultivated many lasting relationships with our clients, partners and vendors alike, over our fifteen year lifespan. Our breadth of experience allows us to quickly understand your IT landscape and challenges, and design a tailored solution.

Frontier Cloud Products


We recognise and tailor product sets to suit your individual needs, solely utilising best-of-breed, industry leading products. Although we are agnostic in our approach, we cater for VMWare and HyperV virtualisation technologies as a base.

Industry-standard Certifications


We have been awarded many industry-standard certifications that demonstrate our commitment to regulation, adherence and compliance over the last decade. Some of our certifications include ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Frontier demonstrated a true understanding of the requirements of our business, instilling absolute confidence in both business and technical staff.

Leo Cavendish, Head of Group IT, Bedell Group

Frontier Continuity Service met our business needs perfectly. There is no upfront spend and there is minimal management overhead.

Campbell Kay, IT/ASV Manager, FujiFilm DioSynth

Having reviewed competitive tenders, we opted for Frontier’s Continuity Service and we haven’t looked back. It saved us time money and effort.

Andrew Hough, IT Manager, Hampden Group

We are very happy with our solutions. User feedback is that application and data access is fast and reliable, which means that clients are being better served and the business is more productive. We can’t ask for more than that.

Bill Oliver, IT Manager, Simpson and Marwick

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