Frontier’s AnyCloud platform approach gives you the choice of public, private and on-premise platforms from both hyper-scale vendors and boutique infrastructure providers.

In today’s digital era the obvious choice for new organisations is to be “born on the cloud”, adopting a cloud first initiative. Additionally, mature organisations are also migrating to cloud platforms where it makes economical and business sense. However, there are many diverse types of cloud platforms available today, often with suppliers have a vested interest in which direction to take you.

Frontier offer both our own private cloud platforms for fixed cost, specific, bespoke environments as well as the tried and tested flexible platforms from hyper–scale vendors. Here at Frontier you can rely on independent, objective advice from an experienced partner that has amassed experience in “AnyCloud” that is essential for a successful journey to the world of cloud services.

Frontier also understands that management and support is key, especially when adopting a multi-cloud, hybrid approach. Environments can be complex due to diverse vendors, locations, services and desired business objectives and to address this Frontier delivers the Data Security and Management Framework and the Frontier Service Portal services.

Cloud Platforms

Factors to Consider

When considering whether cloud platforms are appropriate for your requirements there are many factors worthy of consideration. We’ve listed several below to give you food for thought in this process.

Potential Issues

Application suitability
Understanding of cost models
Security implications
Data sovereignty
Faceless entity
Latency potential
Contractual responsibilities


and others…


Active storage
Cold storage
Line of business


Low entry costs
Breadth of services
Easy access
Choice of CapEx / OpEx


Success criteria
Migration effort
In-house resources
Software licence model

Frontier Private Cloud Platform

Frontier introduced our first private cloud platforms in 2007, initially providing application hosting and business continuity “as a service”.

Choose a private cloud if you need a familiar, traditional hypervisor platform; tailored, direct support from a trusted partner with predictable fixed costs.

Hyper-scale Public Cloud Platforms

Hyper-scale platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are great if you need the flexibility to quickly scale up or down resources, which can be very cost effective for small, simple workloads and larger pre-defined services and solutions. But beware the extra costs such as data egress and networking charges which can mount up if not understood. You would also require in-house expertise to manage these platforms.

Frontier AnyCloud Platforms

Sometimes you simply can’t get everything that you need from one vendor. To address this, Frontier offers AnyCloud, where we will help you design, transition to and manage a combination of platforms that can include on-premise, public, private and multi-cloud approaches.

Traditional Infrastructure

If your application and server resource requirements are well understood, are not subject to frequent change and you enjoy your own skilled technical teams then traditional server, storage and network infrastructure could still be the best approach for you.

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Frontier understands that management and support is key when adopting a multi-cloud approach.

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Cloud environments for regulated industries

Frontier design bespoke on-premise and cloud environments primarily across regulated industries such as the legal, health/pharmaceutical, financial and insurance sectors. Schedule a consultation today.

Legal Sector


Frontier’s Cloud services provide the legal sector with regulatory, compliant services, such as Disaster Recovery, Data Management and Backup. All these solutions are delivered within the SRA’s standard practices.

Healthcare & Pharma


As well as hosting production infrastructure, we also provide replication data services across two top tier data centres, using active-active replication technology. This is delivered within HIPAA standards and aligned with ISO27001 security accreditations.

Financial Sector


IT downtime is simply not an option for Financial Institutions. Frontier provide cloud hosting services that have instant failover to replication partners, in the unlikely event of an IT failure. We manage any unforeseen failures, including incident management.

Insurance Sector


As well as our PRA and FCA compliant cloud services, we also offer Big Data analytics services that can provide meaningful insights into your data. Data Analytics will be invaluable for the Insurance Sector, utilising AI techniques to improve operational efficiencies and revenues.

Benefits of choosing Frontier Technology

Our consultants have a wealth of experience over our fifteen year lifespan offering tailored products to fit your needs delivered to industry standard certifications. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

Frontier Cloud Consultants


Our talented consultants bring a wealth of experience across many regulated industries. One of our expert consultants is a Microsoft Valued Professional, (one of only a handful in the UK), as well as being an established author on technical principles.



Frontier has cultivated many lasting relationships with our clients, partners and vendors alike, over our fifteen year lifespan. Our breadth of experience allows us to quickly understand your IT landscape and challenges, and design a tailored solution.

Frontier Cloud Products


We recognise and tailor product sets to suit your individual needs, solely utilising best-of-breed, industry leading products. Although we are agnostic in our approach, we cater for VMWare and HyperV virtualisation technologies as a base.

Industry-standard Certifications


We have been awarded many industry-standard certifications that demonstrate our commitment to regulation, adherence and compliance over the last decade. Some of our certifications include ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We are very pleased with Frontier Technology’s solutions, We have definitely been provided with a cost-effective and innovative solution.

Gary Brown, IT Manager, Infinity Captial Markets

Our key aim was to prevent the loss of user productivity as a result of poor application performance.

Paul Vernon, IT Director, Boosey & Hawkes

The work done by Frontier Technology consultants was key to making the transition from the proof of concept to a production system. We have continued to use Frontier consultants and would not hesitate to recommend them for projects of this nature.

Michael Sunderland, Infrastructure Manager, Marketform

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