In today’s digital era the obvious choice for new organisations is to be “born on the cloud”, adopting a cloud-first initiative. Additionally, mature organisations are also opting for cloud platform migrations where it makes economical business sense. However, there are many diverse types of cloud platforms available today, often with suppliers have a vested interest in which direction to take you.

Frontier recognises that one cloud may not fit all your business requirements, especially when it comes to cloud migration. Frontier’s AnyCloud platform migration approach gives you the choice of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise platforms from both hyper-scale vendors and boutique infrastructure providers. We employ multi-skilled public cloud consultants that can plan and transition your on-premise technology easily, to any of the major public cloud providers.

Frontier also understands that management and support are key, especially when adopting a multi-cloud, hybrid approach. Environments can be complex due to diverse vendors, locations, services, and desired business objectives and to address this, Frontier provides private cloud and AnyCloud migration solutions. Our comprehensive and versatile private cloud solution is compatible with all types of cloud. Our design, implementation, and support focus on meeting business regulatory requirements, simplifying operations management, and reducing costs. We offer an extensive suite of customisable cloud migration solutions and services, providing secure hosting, data management, business continuity, and many more services to clients.

AnyCloud Platforms

Frontier offers both our own private cloud platforms for fixed cost, specific, bespoke environments as well as the tried and tested flexible platforms from hyper-scale vendors. By leveraging our all-encompassing consulting experience in “AnyCloud”, we provide independent and objective advice that is essential to building a long-standing partnership with our clients. We can customise your requirements using our own private cloud platforms at a fixed cost, or using AnyCloud solution for your specific needs.

Cloud Platforms

Frontier Private Cloud Platform

Frontier introduced its first private cloud platforms in 2007, initially providing application hosting and business continuity “as a service”. Choose a private cloud if you need a tailored and flexible platform, direct support from a trusted partner with predictable fixed costs.

Hyper-scale Public Cloud Platforms

Hyper-scale platforms, like Azure and AWS, can quickly scale resources, which is cost-effective for small workloads and larger pre-defined services and solutions. However, they require in-house expertise and the extra costs for data egress and networking can mount up if not understood.

Frontier AnyCloud Platforms

Sometimes you simply can’t get everything that you need from one vendor. To address this, Frontier offers AnyCloud, where we will help you design, transition, and manage a combination of platforms that can include on-premise, public, private and multi-cloud approaches.

Traditional Infrastructure and Platforms

If your application and server resource requirements are well understood, are not subject to frequent change and you enjoy your own skilled technical teams then traditional server, storage, and network infrastructure could still be the best approach for your business.

AnyCloud Migrations

Migrating to a public cloud provider can seem an overwhelming task to complete, especially if you have legacy applications and services that were not designed for cloud computing environments. Frontier understands this and utilises industry-leading cloud migration tools that ensure you get a seamless journey to the cloud. At Frontier, we have partnered with the big players in the world of hosting, compute, and storage. From AWS and MS Azure, we deploy, maintain, and support their offerings. On top of cloud migration, we also provide our own hosted services, tailor-designed for each client, and compliment to their offerings.

Frontier Cloud Migration

AnyCloud Services

Frontier Technology offers so much more than the major impersonal public cloud entities. Our team of service delivery managers, technical consultants, and support desk staff become a seamless extension of your internal resource, adding depth and breadth to your resource pool, freeing up time in your team to focus on business innovation initiatives. In addition to providing assistance for public cloud platform migrations (such as Office365, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and others), Frontier also offers enterprise-class, highly available, private cloud hosting services. These managed services target clients who need to migrate existing server and application workloads to a familiar environment for a predictable, monthly cost and to delegate infrastructure resource availability, together with a day-to-day management and platform maintenance, to a trusted, experienced partner.

Managed Services

Our Clients