The explosion in data combined with the growing use of cloud and the pressure of increased regulation presents a serious challenge for the most dedicated IT team. Every business is dependent on its critical files and data they have, yet they don’t need all of it all the time—especially when that data is deemed outdated. Accessing this data whenever needed can make its quick retrieval essential, especially in case of a lawsuit, audit, or any sudden event. This has pushed many organisations to ‘hold onto’ every ounce of data created. This approach can quickly become expensive considering that worldwide data stores are doubling every couple of years.

Data Lifecycle Management Service
Frontier Data Security & Management Framework

This archival data consumes a huge part of an enterprise’s available data storage and data management capacity. Keeping the archival data on-premises adds costs, increases complexity, and affects business productivity. For organisations struggling with data management, growth, compliance, and complexity, Frontier offers the most secure and comprehensive services and solutions on the market. Frontier provides a portfolio of data management services and solutions that can help to accelerate data delivery and availability, automate data lifecycle management processes, and optimise enterprise data management with intelligence.

Our powerful, cloud-ready solution is coupled with a comprehensive self-service portal to restore data, which comes with an option to be hands-on or hands-off. It provides visibility into the operation of your data protection and infrastructure with on-premises simplicity, greater availability, resiliency, flexibility, and scale for data protection or managing secondary data.

Our Approach

Data creation powers your organisation; as new data is a source of information and power. This active data is stored locally and on a network server while also backing it up to local storage appliances or cloud storage. This setup provides for fast recovery in case of data loss. Data loss can be prevented through data protection. Leveraging our Data Security and Management Framework, we can conceptualise a well-rounded data backup and recovery strategy combining off-site tape storage with cloud backup and data restoration capabilities. The hybrid system matches data with the most suitable storage media.

Frontier IT Infrastructure

Our Methodology

Frontier Data Security & Management Framework

Data Creation Management

Frontier ensures that all data is discovered both on-premises and in clouds, including your confidential information and intellectual property. As data is created, it is instantly classified, and reported on, thereby, setting it for optimised security and compliance. We can backup data to multiple locations and cloud providers, including in-house copy if needed, while providing consistent back-up, protection, recovery, and access capability across the physical and virtual environments.

Storage Management

By leveraging our state-of-the-art UK-based, 24×7 secure data centres, we deliver high quality managed data storage solutions and services. Along with detailed reports and powerful data management capabilities, we can also help you reduce the cost of data storage and lighten your storage infrastructure by moving the larger chunk of archival data to Frontier’s reliable and cost-effective data archival solutions in cloud storage such as Azure, AWS, our private cloud, and other compatible clouds.

Role-Based Security and Data Use

During this stage, we apply role-based security controls to all sensitive data via tagging based on internal security policies and compliance rules. Frontier provides always-on monitoring to control data in near real-time, along with ransomware protection of your data by default. When a file is created, copied, edited, detached from an email, extracted from an archive, retrieved from cloud storage, or otherwise modified, it is instantly searched, classified, and reported.

Data Sharing

Data gets constantly shared, which moves between a variety of public and private storage locations, applications, and operating environments. Frontier enables you to discover data no matter how many times it moved, copied, and shared. Employees are notified about sensitive data in files so that suitable privacy settings can be applied.

Archiving Solutions

Most data are eventually archived within an organisation’s storage systems. Once archived, it’s important for the data to be both available and protected according to industry compliance rules. Using our Frontier Vault Service, Frontier ensures that archived information is accurately classified according to all relevant internal and external guidelines.

Permanent Data Deletion

Significant amounts of data need to be destroyed regularly to reduce the storage burden and improve overall data security. We provide organisations with powerful data remediation features and capabilities, which are compliant with the relevant directives and guidelines, including data encryption, shredding, redacting, and quarantining.

Delivery Framework

Frontier Delivery Framework

We ensure the cost-effective protection of data, which means that depending on the importance of the stored data, they are assigned the appropriate level of protection. From a central console, data security policies and workflows are set and managed to meet both your organisation’s policies and the compliance requirements for every kind of data. Hosted in Frontier’s secure data centres, your archived data files are streamed instantly and on-demand from the cloud. Stored data has to be stored and accessed at different regularities depending on the importance.

To ensure data integrity, we attribute the data to its creator and ensure that the gathered data is always accessible, readable, and easy-to-understand during the data lifecycle. We record the executed data while preserving the original form and source, while also ensuring that the data is free from errors and has the degree of sensitivity insight attached to it. Thus, we ensure:

Comprehensive audit trails of the entire life cycle of the data, make compliance easy to demonstrate

Retention of data outside the production environment in a dedicated and secure immutable store

Integration with Active Directory and Azure AD and supports Office 365, G Suite and other cloud services

Granular retention policies ensuring that original data is kept for as long as needed without risk of amendment or deletion

Data retrieval for DR, data mining, and compliance for physical, virtual and hyper-converged environments

Ability to Backup large amount of data within a short time window with an option of File types / Folders exclusion

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Liberate your IT team

Swap time-consuming legacy technologies for simple-to-manage, highly scalable, long-term cloud backup-as-a-service.

High-quality Performance

Reduce infrastructure, storage, management and administration cost and effort, while streamlining processes

Cut your storage costs

No more unanticipated investment in additional hardware to address rapid growth of unstructured data.

Single-pane-of-glass view

Single console to manage the entire data management life cycle (backup, archive, data discovery, deletion)

Compliant Data Security

FIPS 140-2 certified, UK-based data centres encrypt data at rest and in transit, comply with the most stringent data regulations

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