Business interruptions come in many forms, whether it’s data loss, data theft, cyber-attack, technical failure, or indeed human error or malicious acts. Frontier Disaster Recovery solution safeguards your data and your business, whatever the circumstance, giving you peace of mind 24/7.

Businesses across all sectors will experience a technical failure or another potential for data loss in their lifetime, it’s a fact of life. To address this, Frontier has developed and perfected over the past decade a compliant recovery solution, that will keep your business in business, no matter your sector, your technology or your location. Frontier will quickly and seamlessly recognise and diagnose the cause of the failure and have your systems back on-line promptly and effectively.

Frontier’s portfolio of resilience disaster recovery solutions includes synchronously replicated active/active datacentres, low RPO/RTO VM level continuity and enterprise-class backup and archive systems, all of which can scale to meet the most modest or large-scale requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect your business from data loss, data theft, and technical failures.

Data Safeguard

Inclusive elements of the Frontier Disaster Recovery Solution, Frontier Continuity Service.


Engagement with your stakeholders to plan and design solution to meet your needs


Quick and easy implementation of continuity service


Initial and regular ongoing testing and improvement


Your solution and processes comprehensively documented


Service proactively managed by our experienced team

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What makes an IT Resilience expert? Proven experience solving client problems in topics including virtual IT environments, real-time replication, regulated testing.

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Tailored to regulated industries

Frontier provide regulated business continuity solutions, tailored to regulated industries such as the legal, health/pharmaceutical, financial and insurance sectors. Contact us today to see how Frontier Technologies can help you in your industry.

Legal Sector


Frontier Technology work within SRA guidelines, to seamlessly achieve business continuity compliance for the legal sector. We work with local and national legal firms, across on and off shore locations.

Healthcare & Pharma Sector


Frontier work with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, complying with all aspects of HIPAA regulations. We provide a tailored business continuity service, ensuring a 360 degree approach.

Financial Sector


Understanding the importance of FCA compliance, Frontier give financial institutions peace of mind that their business is always running, regardless of any technical interruptions.

Insurance Sector


Depending on their size, insurance firms implement one, two, or indeed all elements of our business continuity plan. This service strictly adheres to the standard PRA best practice guidelines.

Benefits of choosing Frontier Technology

Our consultants have a wealth of experience over our fifteen year lifespan offering tailored products to fit your needs delivered to industry standard certifications. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.


Our talented consultants bring a wealth of experience across many regulated industries. One of our expert consultants is a Microsoft Valued Professional, (one of only a handful in the UK), as well as being an established author on technical principles.


Frontier has cultivated many lasting relationships with our clients, partners and vendors alike, over our fifteen year lifespan. Our breadth of experience allows us to quickly understand your IT landscape and challenges, and design a tailored solution.


We recognise and tailor product sets to suit your individual needs, solely utilising best-of-breed, industry leading products. Although we are agnostic in our approach, we cater for VMWare and HyperV virtualisation technologies as a base.


We have been awarded many industry-standard certifications that demonstrate our commitment to regulation, adherence and compliance over the last decade. Some of our certifications include ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

I am glad that Symantec put us in touch with Frontier, their service was excellent and I would definitely recommend them.

Yves Lefever, IT Manager, Altius

Having reviewed competitive tenders, we opted for Frontier’s Continuity Service and we haven’t looked back. It saved us time money and effort.

Andrew Hough, IT Manager, Hampden Group

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