Frontier’s Service Commitment: From Lockdown 1.0 to 2.0

Enabling Customers’ Business Scaling

The world has been severely affected by Covid-19 and all walks of life, as well as many industries, have been forced to overhaul their lifestyle and work habits. Such transitions would not have been possible without the proliferation of cloud-based services, which have enabled enterprises to swiftly alter their business models to catch up with the rapid pace of change. Looking more broadly at Frontier’s customers, enterprises of all sizes are receiving extended support to carry on their businesses onto the cloud to ensure continuous operations during the pandemic.

  • Scaling up: As people and the economy are being adversely affected by this virus, it has hastened the need for our customers to work remotely, safeguarding employee health, and ensuring they can scale up or down to cope with changing demands. For example, a leading multinational financial services provider needed extended remote workforce capabilities going into lockdown. With increased resources on their servers, they were able to support their remote workforce instantly as the need arose.
  • Quick response: In a crisis or other event where customers need to scale and react quickly, requirements can change rapidly. The pandemic has changed businesses’ patterns of working and, in turn, ways of communication. For example, one of the UK’s leading independent logistics and trade management provider needed an urgent flex up to meet this change in demand. Nestled in multi-level buildings, sprawling with backbone cables and a web of old systems to support their remote workforce and larger customer base during busier pandemic days creates a chaos of its own kind. Collectively, these presented an enormous obstacle to better processing capacity during higher workload, which translates to effective communication and enhanced collaboration. Armed with a new telephone system supplied to their network to support the additional users, they had sorted licenses and extensions up-and-running in no time.
  • Industry-specific business needs: A globally renowned customer, operating in a highly regulated industry needed additional support to store data and run applications in the environments that are best suited for the tasks that meet regulatory, security, and governance requirements. For regulated industries, on the other hand of the trade spectrum is compliance. A highly comprehensive and secure infrastructure ensured that compliance-seeking projects could be pursued without any regulatory hiccups.
  • Flexibility: This pandemic also made us realise that we cannot plan everything. However, what we can do is to be flexible and adapt. These tough times made our customers comprehend the sudden need for more resources and greater service availability during unplanned projects and timelines. With the majority of their workforce working remotely, they needed a more flexible approach to address their medium- and long-term scaling needs via an overhauled support model and local onsite (where needed) or remote or offshore support.

Frontier Technology has enabled companies to continue operating seamlessly throughout an unprecedented crisis that could have easily brought business processes and productivity to a halt. Frontier empowered its customers by ensuring servers are well-maintained, data is managed, and applications run to keep businesses in touch with their customers, their partners, and the industry ecosystem. With the fantastic news of a viable vaccine on the horizon and increased hope of an end to restrictions in the New Year, Frontier is now more committed to helping its customers develop an agile post-COVID business strategy.