Disasters are a very possible reality. There’s no way to predict the future. Natural disasters may strike with little to zero warning plus human actions or technical issues are all too common. In today’s hyper-competitive market downtime for your systems or loss of service to your customers and staff is likely to cripple an organisation for years, causing loss of reputation and destroying your bottom line. A detailed business continuity plan (BCP) is not a short-term solution, but an asset that requires appropriate time, resources, skills, and collaboration from multiple stakeholders in your organisation. Business continuity planning is an ongoing measure that should warn and protect your operation from all eventualities on an ongoing basis.

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Frontier Business Continuity Service

Frontier Continuity Service (FCS) is a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that unlike many supports both virtual and physical environments, running on private, hybrid and public clouds with comprehensive invocation, recovery and testing capabilities. FCS leverages best in class replication technologies to meet the specific disaster recovery objectives of your business. It can be tailored to provide almost immediate recovery for critical systems (whose downtime would otherwise lead to significant business loss), to lower cost configuration for less critical systems that can afford a greater amount of downtime without impacting business profitability.

Frontier Continuity Service

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FCS is a fully managed, private cloud solution that not only meets close to zero recovery point and recovery point objectives but also effective ransomware protection. It is an enterprise-class disaster recovery solution that is cost effective for both large and smaller organisations and can be deployed, managed and invoked without drawing on your internal IT resource.

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Frontier Hosting Service

Frontier Hosting Service (FHS), a private cloud solution built on a fully-managed IaaS platform, provides an effective and cost-efficient solution for managing IT infrastructure more easily.

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Frontier Vault Service

Frontier Technology’s secure cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service, Frontier Vault Service (FVS), is one of the most secure and comprehensive Backup-as-a-Services on the market.

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