There are many threats out there that can compromise sensitive data, you’ll need an all-in-one solution that can help you prevent these attacks, and recover as well as backup all the data too. Along with complying with privacy regulations, this can be a problem as you can be susceptible to various other “solutions” that may not be so good on risk and bad on cost too, with Commvault we can get you unparalleled backup and restore performances, this complete approach simplifies artificial intelligence and automation.

Over the years, Commvault has revolutionised data protection and recovery to become the world’s leading data and information management solution, and through its evolution Commvault continues to secure the top spot as powerful technology leader with worldwide recognition.

Having worked with CommVault, Frontier Technology is able to deliver the best services when it comes to data security, backup vault services and data security. We are able to provide a secure and managed vault service that works well with the individual users while keeping everything secure, backed up, and within the regulated remit of all industries.

Reasons why we at Frontier Technology use Commvault as our vendor for the Frontier Vault Service are… Best in class for deduplication, backup & archiving, cloud infrastructure management and enterprise level virtual infrastructure protection.

The Commvault next generation platform is an all-inclusive powerhouse that integrates modules to protect, store, index and retrieve your data. Beneath the service there’s the CommServe component, MediaAgent and Client, together these modules make up the Commcell Environment.

  • Self-service search and recovery
  • Content-aware retention management
  • Reduces collection and culling burden for eDiscovery, regulartory inquiries, and investigations
  • Extracts business value from legacy data
  • Single-query search
  • Streamlines governance, risk, and compliance operations
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