The explosion in data combined with the growing use of cloud and the pressure of increased regulation presents a serious challenge for the most dedicated IT team. Since data is your most critical corporate asset, loss of it can have significant consequences — unproductive workforces, disgruntled customers and loss of reputation and revenue. However, on-premise data consumes a huge part of an enterprise’s available data storage capacity, adds cost, plus increases complexity and administration overhead. For organisations struggling with data growth, compliance and complexity, Frontier Technology offers the Frontier Vault Service (FVS), one of the most secure and comprehensive Backup-as-a-Services on the market.

Data Safeguard

Frontier Business Continuity Service

We offer end-to-end data protection strategies that fit the needs of your complex environment. Whether your data is on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, our pioneering technology provides on-demand access to all your data in real time to any location. This fully managed and comprehensive GDPR and PCI DSS compliant solution covers the full data management lifecycle to ensure you have total coverage and complete control over your data.

Data can be stored at multiple geographic locations in the UK and across the globe for true cloud mobility and end-to-end protection. By leveraging a single unified platform, powered by the industry leading software Commvault, FVS simplifies an organisation’s ability to manage data across its lifecycle with integrated modules for Backup & Recovery, Archive, Replication, Resource Management and Search. By combining enterprise-class technology from Commvault with outstanding support and customer service from Frontier Technology, we take the stress out of protecting your data.

Frontier Vault Service

Business Benefits

FVS provides secure cloud-based backup and disaster recovery as a managed service, it also supports archiving, data compliance and data management capabilities. FVS restores data at all levels from single granular objects to folders, VMs or entire servers. This enables organisations to meet demanding data compliance requirements and addresses data archiving easily and effectively. This solution can help you manage your data and reduce the cost of data storage by moving the larger chunk of archival data to Frontier’s reliable and cost effective FVS platform, where it is stored on our private cloud infrastructure and/or public clouds such as Azure and AWS.

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Data Safeguard

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