Over time the IT Infrastructure setup within an organisation will require further optimisation. Having the right IT Infrastructure Solution in place will increase business efficiency, reduce costs and help to improve customer satisfaction. It also ensures your organisation is sufficiently protected from security threats, such as malware and unauthorised access. With IT Infrastructure, whether it is on-premise, a virtual Cloud-based service or a hybrid of both, it is crucial to make sure the foundations are solid to support your business applications and future business growth plans.

Frontier IT Infrastructure

Security of the stored data and making improved use of secure data have become the main business goal. As data protection policies and other related law enforcement security issues have become more than just a part of IT management, it is also important to secure IT infrastructure. Data, and the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the way it is stored, backed up and leveraged, is arguably the most important asset owned by an organisation. It is therefore important to ensure that this valuable asset is well looked after and your organisation is gaining as much value as it can from your data, while keeping it secure. Frontier helps you achieve your goals through our expertise in helping you manage, store, backup, secure and importantly extract value from your data.

Frontier Data Security & Management Framework

By working with Frontier, we can help you to optimise your IT systems through modernisation, automation, and by transforming your network architecture, hardware, and software. At the heart of our managed cloud solutions and services are our UK-based, 24×7 secure data centres. From this centre of excellence, our teams deliver high quality managed IT infrastructure solutions and services to help organisations manage the growing complexity of their data security and management requirements.

Our data security and management solutions are based on an easy-to-follow Frontier Data Security and Management Framework to seamlessly implement the required solution. This comprehensive all-encompassing model, covers every aspect of IT data security and management, applying a series of data governance and security elements to ensure data is both secured and controlled yet open enough to allow business users to securely access the data they need.

Our Approach

Frontier offer a range of services and assessments which can help you achieve your business goals, whether you are considering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Serverless computing or looking to build resilient IT infrastructure. With expertise across a range of cloud platforms, we specialise in integrating existing applications and systems to public, private, hybrid cloud platforms, on-premise infrastructure or combinations of these – allowing your organisation to benefit from an efficient and tailored balance of cloud usage.

Frontier IT Infrastructure

Our Methodology

Frontier Data Security & Management Framework

We, at Frontier, understand the emerging technologies and recommend the optimal IT Infrastructure solutions and a wide range of IT managed Services that fully support your application, service and resource requirements. We provide IT infrastructure solutions and support services for every enterprise IT need, from infrastructure to platforms, storage to virtualisation, and management to automation.

Make you Cloud-Ready

Data is the foundation for growth and innovation. It’s a huge opportunity—but only if you have the infrastructure to properly capture and process it. Learn how to optimise, secure, and enhance the way to processes critical data—on premises and in the cloud.

Make Your Cloud work for You

We provide a single architecture with three consumption models: on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud. Our team of specialist IT Infrastructure Consultants design IT Infrastructure Solutions that are specific to the current and future needs of your organisation.

Delivery Framework

We simplify your IT infrastructure and improve database, applications, and analytics performance, by combining software, storage, compute, and networking hardware to save time and IT resources. The result is a standardised platform across physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud environments, with solutions that work as well with one another as they do with your existing technologies and processes.

We audit the current IT Infrastructure setup of your organisation and provide strategic advice on how this can be further improved. Alternatively, we also provide advisory to completely overhaul the existing setup should it not be performing to the required needs of your business. We have a team of dedicated IT Infrastructure Consultants to audit and redesign the current setup as well as providing ongoing maintenance of the revised solution.

Frontier Delivery Framework

IT Infrastructure

Our specialist IT Consultancy team will analyse your current setup to design and deploy a more robust solution to your current internal and external business needs and future business aspirations.

Managed IT Services

Whether you are looking to migrate your organisation to the Cloud or implement a wide range of new technologies we can assist with the planning and the seamless migration.

Data Storage

Our IT Consultants are specialists in Disaster Recovery, Cloud and Backup and GDPR Compliant solutions to deliver high quality managed data storage solutions and services to help your organisation.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits


Our enterprise servers with built-in redundancy deliver the highest levels of performance to protect your business from unplanned interruptions and your data from malware and unauthorised access.


With our industry-leading operating systems and virtualisation solutions, you can build cloud-ready applications that can scale from on-premises environments to the cloud.


On premises or in the cloud, our industry-leading storage solutions help you accelerate applications and databases, improve data resiliency, and reduce operating costs.

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