Protect your Corporate Data from Insider Threats


January is traditionally a very active month for job seekers. During this time your confidential company data is at it’s most vulnerable.  In fact, depending on the research you read, between 50 and 80 percent of employees will take data with them when they leave your organisation. Very often too, they will view this as completely acceptable. They believe it’s their right. But you can take some simple steps to minimise y risk. Here are a few tips you may find helpful…

1.  Don’t wait until it is too late
Many organisations falsely believe that it won’t happen to them. However, the problem is far more prevalent than you might think. Often, we are approached by customers who have already experienced data theft. Usually, they only discover that this has happened weeks or months later. The cost to your organisation of such a loss can be huge. You need to protect your data NOW.

2.  Audit your data and control access

Where possible, classify your data to ensure that all confidential information is identified and stored securely & appropriately. Once this is done, ensure that only those employees who need access have it. Terminate any access as soon as an employee leaves.

3.  Be alert for changes in employee behavior
If an employee starts to act differently, this may be a reason for concern. Are they staying later than usual, or coming in early? Are they spending more time than usual at the printer? Or logging in remotely at unusual times?

4.  Review and update your acceptable use policy (AUP)
Does your AUP clearly explain what employees can & cannot do? Does it incorporate mobile devices – both personal and company owned? Do you include provision for monitoring employee use of computer equipment and network & Internet use?

5.  Monitor employee activity

Regardless of the prevention measures you put in place, employees will still find ways to steal data. By monitoring employee activity, you will know almost immediately when a breach has occurred, allowing you to act fast to mitigate any loss. Additionally, when employees know that their activities could be monitored, this will act as a powerful deterrent.

SPECTOR 360 Employee Monitoring Software
Our award winning employee monitoring software will protect your organisation in the event that data security is compromised. Automated alerts will inform you when a suspected breach has occurred, regardless of how. SPECTOR 360 can alert you to:

Data transfers to removable drives e.g. USB sticks/SD cards
Documents sent to a printer
Attachments sent via email, including webmail
Any data copied/pasted, including ctrl c / ctrl v keystrokes

See exactly who did what, when and how. Screen captures with video-like playback will display the context of every activity, allowing you to easily determine if it was malicious intent or not.

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