Providing robust IT infrastructure for your current business needs and future business aspirations

Frontier offers a range of services and assessments which can help you achieve your business goals, whether you are considering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Serverless computing, or looking to build resilient IT infrastructure. We provide IT infrastructure solutions and support services for every enterprise IT needs, from infrastructure to platforms, storage to virtualisation, and management to automation. We analyse your IT environment and business objectives to design a simplified network.

With expertise across a range of cloud platforms, we specialise in integrating existing applications and systems to the public, private, hybrid cloud platforms, on-premise infrastructure, or combinations of these – allowing your organisation to benefit from an efficient and tailored balance of cloud usage. Our understanding of the emerging technologies helps us recommend the optimal IT Infrastructure solutions and a wide range of Managed Services to support your application, service, and resource requirements.

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Robust solutions to your business needs and aspirations

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High quality managed data storage solutions and services

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Right balance of speed, accessibility, reliability, and security


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Team of dedicated IT Infrastructure Consultants

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Audit the current IT Infrastructure setup of your organisation

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Strategic advice on necessary improvements

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Redesign the current setup as per your business needs

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Maintenance of the overhauled infrastructure

We Make You Cloud-Ready

Optimise, secure, and enhance the way to processes critical data—on premises and in the cloud.

We Make Your Cloud, Ready for You

Single architecture with three consumption models: on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud.


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Our enterprise servers deliver the highest levels of performance to protect your business from unplanned interruptions and your data from malware and unauthorised access.

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With our industry-leading operating systems and virtualisation solutions, you can build cloud-ready applications that can scale from on-premises environments to the cloud seamlessly.

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On premises or in the cloud, our industry-leading data storage solutions help you accelerate applications and databases integration, improve data resiliency, and reduce operating costs.