Quick-response IT support for technical issues to reduce business disruptions

For organisations requiring structured technical support without dedicated team members working within their business, Frontier provides greater flexibility and team knowledge with its single end-to-end support service. Frontier Support Service (FSS) provides a single point of contact to drastically reduce transition time and cost in aligning new IT services with business objectives. Our proven Managed Service model allows you to flex the level of IT support required if your circumstances change and when necessary, supplement with further resources or specialist IT skills.

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All-encompassing Support

Wide-ranging remote, onsite, and IT project technical support

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Products & Technology Support

Products and technology support for on-premise, cloud, AWS, and Azure

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Flexible Usage

Flexible “consume-as-you-need” model with no minimum usage

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Managed Support Service

Resolution of technical issues, while you focus on your core business.

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Skilled Team of Professionals

On-premise and Cloud Specialists managing your IT environment

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Delivery Model

High levels of service delivery to maximise the value of your investment


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Quick Resolution

Quick and effective issue resolution with strategic support and advice

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Infrastructure Support

Consolidates and integrates your technology and infrastructure support

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Comprehensive Service

End-to-end service for hardware, IT support, and IT security