Frontier Managed Cloud solutions provide you with end-to-end management solutions delivered in the cloud and managed by us. These services enable you to accelerate time to deployment, increase availability and system performance, and reduce business risk. You gain faster access to innovation and a better return on your investment. Our offerings go beyond core infrastructure and management to provide you with solutions that span the entire IT infrastructure lifecycle – from migration, testing, security validation, deployment, support, and to compliance and disaster recovery. Our experts help you get the most out of your cloud deployment, improving operational excellence and sharpening your competitive advantage.

Cloud Platforms

Frontier offers a broad portfolio of enterprise-grade, cloud-based solutions that enable public, private, and hybrid clouds, so you can choose the right approach for your business. We provide the most extensive, comprehensive, and well-integrated set of cloud solutions in the industry. Our cloud platform provides for the fast delivery of standardised services, we ensure rapid self- provisioning, and cloud management with monitoring and secure pay-as-you grow services.

We also offer continuous security validation solution to ensure and assure you that your data is protected on a platform you can trust and never co-mingled with other customer data. This in turn delivers extreme performance and scalability that meet the requirements of even the most stringent and most transactional businesses. Our hosting solution offers a set of core infrastructure capabilities to provide businesses the ability to run any workload in the cloud. For private clouds, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class, integrated products whether you are consolidating at the infrastructure, platform, or the application layer. Industry leading products, both hardware and software, provide the agility, performance, elastic scalability, reliability, deep visibility, and security your business requires.

Data Security and Management Framework
Managed Cloud Services

With our cloud solutions, each deployment is personalised, connected, secured and comes with integrated analytics capabilities to help you deliver the experiences customers expect, the talent to succeed, and the performance the market demands. With Frontier, there are no information silos or any need to coordinate software upgrades between vendors, integrate data, or manage security policies across multiple applications. Frontier Managed Cloud solutions helps you leverage our years of experience so you can better focus and direct your resources. We provide more value from your investments, more choice to deploy your business applications any way you want, and more confidence that the system will perform and scale as required.

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Frontier Hosting Service

Frontier Hosting Service (FHS), a private cloud solution built on a fully-managed IaaS platform, provides an effective and cost-efficient solution for managing IT infrastructure more easily.

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Frontier Continuity Service

Data Safeguard

Frontier Continuity Service (FCS) is a comprehensive solution that supports both virtual and physical environments, runs on private, hybrid and public clouds with invocation, recovery and testing capabilities.

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Frontier Vault Service

Frontier Technology’s secure cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution, Frontier Vault Service (FVS), is one of the most secure and comprehensive Backup-as-a-Services on the market.

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