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Frontier Hosting Solution (FHS) is a private cloud solution providing an effective and cost-efficient solution for managing IT infrastructure more easily. Built on a fully managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, FHS is hybrid-ready to help organisations transition to the cloud. Applications can be migrated to targeted platforms, combining new cloud or host infrastructures with existing systems for a more manageable hybrid environment. Frontier Virtual Private Cloud Platform (VPC) has the benefit of a public cloud, whereby the hardware is shared by other tenants and is highly resilient, scalable, and perform.

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Frontier Virtual Private Cloud is customisable to meet the unique business and security needs of the organisation. With greater visibility and control into the infrastructure, organisations can operate compliance-sensitive IT workloads without compromising on the security and performance previously only achieved with dedicated on-premise data centres. Our virtual private cloud offers greater agility, scalability, flexibility, integration with applications, and customisation and is behind a full-featured firewall, so only your organisation has access to it and can manage it. While it has the benefit of a private cloud whereby security and flexibility are maximised, our virtual private cloud platform has the right balance between cost efficiency and flexibility, de-risking the potential limitation of using public services only. This solution can be delivered as IaaS, or PaaS. We also provide a wide range of complementary managed services including backup, archive, business continuity, penetration testing, and monitoring. With our hosting solution, your servers are off-premise, out of sight, and managed by our teams and technologies.

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