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Most monitoring systems inform you after a failure or a problem occurs within the network. However, an even more sophisticated, continuous real-time, monitoring system, like Frontier Monitoring Service, notifies you before it happens, giving you the opportunity to remedy the issue before it affects your bottom line.

Nearly every organisation needs to monitor a mix of cloud resources, physical and virtual infrastructure, and networking equipment. The solution to these challenges is a monitoring solution that can monitor the entire IT environment, including the cloud. Frontier Monitoring Solution is a comprehensive ‘Infrastructure Monitoring-as-a-Service,’ readily-available solution that as well as being inclusive with FHS can be extended for deployment to monitor other on-premise, public, or hybrid cloud environment, plus physical equipment and applications.

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Our comprehensive monitoring service focuses on understanding the composition, availability, status, behaviour, performance, and configuration of all the components within the IT infrastructure, where, security is adamantly woven into each of these responsibilities. Our all-encompassing monitoring service proactively monitors servers, storage, and applications so that you can have the full picture of what is happening on the network. FMS can discover, map, monitor, and alert on servers, wherein, also includes network management reports on server uptime, processor information, and memory utilisation. It allows for a proactive response, data security and data gathering, and the overall good health of your IT environment.

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